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“You Did It In My Country. I Did It In Yours!” – Priyanka Chopra To Sunny Leone

Priyanka Chopra is a celebrity who is known to be friendly to all her colleagues and leave her to befriend half of the industry. in fact, it is not just Bollywood girl is winning with his kind ways, the actress has also made a number of friends while working at Quantico. Regular and groupfies selfies the actress shares her account of media are proof enough for us. But even with some as social as peecee, a friendship with Sunny Leone sounds a bit weird. Neither the two have ever done a project together nor hang out in the same circles. So what was the conversation between the two all this bolloywoodlife? Well, here’s the thing …

So we know how Priyanka has already left its mark on the American market with its Quantico trailer and posters splashed across several cities. Sunny, who is currently in his hometown, Los Angeles, happened to come across a poster Priyanka one of the billboards there and she immediately Priyanka tweeted saying “omg priyankachopra just returned to Los Angeles and are in everywhere’m driving! You get it girl !! #proudindian “.

Its ‘proud Indian’ hashtag invited a little gnome as someone asked him how long it becomes a “proud Indian.” To which the roughness Leone replied, “as US sidastrouspriyankachopra lol when I see an Indian woman on billboards across the US market had !!”

Well, Priyanka was not one to ignore it and was quick to respond saying, “T did in my country and I did in urs !! LoL #GlobalCitizensSunnyLeone”.

Hmmmm … that’s really the way to go about it, supporting each other. We like when B-Town beauties show that there is more to them than the cat fight!