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Xiaomi Mi Band, Mi 16,000mAh Power Bank to go on open sale today

Xiaomi is all set to conduct a flash sale to the state bank and 16,000mAh My My band on its website the company today. The sale of the products will start at 14:00 on the website of the company. Registrations for sale today are now closed.bgr. According to the standard of the flash sale, only registered users may participate in the sale. We encourage customers to come one hour before sale. Also note that my 32GB variant 4i 4i 16GB My gray and white variant is also available on the website of the company without registration.

On the front of the specification, the dyno 16,000mAh is two USB ports that offer cell battery lithium ion encased in a sleek aluminum casing. The company guarantees that the dyno 16,000mAh can fully charge a Redmi Note 4G nearly 3.5 times; iPhone 6 almost five times; iPad mini and almost 2.5 times.

As regards the My Band, Fitness Tracker keeps track of users’ steps, training and sleep pattern. In addition, the intelligent band also sends users lost call alerts through vibration. It also has a feature that will automatically open the Android smartphone if you’re holding the smartphone in the same hand as the My Band.

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