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Viewers Shrug Off Miley Cyrus Breast Out

Miley Cyrus should be alarmed? Are people tired of their “boobs?”
The former Disney star exposed her breast twice on Sunday, before and during the MTV Video Music Awards. While his bare selfie hours before the event garnered about 50,000 size after it published the photo in Instagram yibada , Associated Press reports that was not the same for his second exhibition breast.

Viewers Shrug Off Miley Cyrus Breast Out

When the show was about to end, Miley poked his head behind a black curtain, while behind the scenes. However, the curtain fell and revealed his bare chest. But AP notes that when Janet Jackson suffered a wardrobe malfunction 11 years ago, there was a national outcry over her breast exposure.

It nip slip Miley subtracted by viewers, reports AP. Or it could have gone unnoticed by many because when MTV realized tits singer was out, the scene was cut and played reruns annual MTV party.
When Janet had a wardrobe malfunction, seen by 86 million viewers during the Super Bowl halftime show 2004, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received 1.4 million complaints. As a result, the FCC fined CBS $ 550,000 to the case which lasted until 2012, when the court reversed the decision.

On Monday, after maternal exposure of Miley, nobody talked about it because the topic of discussion at the presidential offices were 2,020 ambition of Kanye West and his career prize acceptance. Partly because the VMA was seen by only 9.8 million people, according to Nielsen.

In addition, Janet was not in the habit of exposing her breasts while Miley had done several times that people do not consider what happened backstage at the VMA worthy of your time. But e! News points out that Miley was practically naked while hosting the VMA with only “two silver straps strategically placed on the chest and a miniskirt glass-effect”, which are only two pieces of macarame blinged out to cover the groin and the hand lower.