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USA vs Panama Prediction Preview 13 july

USA vs Panama Prediction Preview 13 july .USA and Panama of Group A are going to play their match of Gold Cup 2015 at Sporting Park, Kansas City on dated 13th July.USA in their last match beat Haiti by 1-0 on 10th july and in this match Demspey was spotless with his performance.However the 1-0 victory against Haiti was far from impressive, as Haiti pushed hard for a goal and were unlucky to not having one.while Panama match against Honduras was resulted in draw by 1-1 on 10th july.

USA vs Panama Prediction Preview 13 july 

USA is unbeaten in in entire 2015 Gold Cup. Their overall performance is not up to the mark, while Dempsey is playing an outstanding game and all three goals were put into the net by him.USA will try their best to win the match with great margin and goes to second round with clean hands.

On the other hand Panama Panama was also not impressive in their consecutive drawn matches,match with Honduras they played extremely well throughout the game but loose their grip in the last part of he game in which Honduras scores the equalizer in 81st minute.This match is very important for Panama and to beat he mighty Stars they have to do a perfect game.

USA vs. Panama

Soccer: 21:30 EST

Jul. 13, 2015

TV: FOX Sports 1 USA

Match Prediction:

USA will be the winner
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