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TV Actress Mona Singh Attacked by Stalker Over Selfie?

TV actress Mona Singh of fame ‘Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahi’ refused to click a selfie with a stranger and ended up being harassed by unidentified stalker.

The incident occurred on August 2, when Mona, who plays the protagonist of a play that was exhibited at St Andrews in Bandra, Mumbai, was waiting for an official photo-op team. However, a man approached her and asked her to click a selfie with him. Mona, do not click on the images to strangers, she refused mid-day.

According to a source, “Mona was the last to leave your car in the parking area. Suddenly, the same guy beat his vehicle and parked his car in front of Mona. A terrified Mona went out to confront him. He asked for a picture again. Rather than asking him, it was his demand. “The source further adds,” The end such act was that he sent a message Mona, as if to show that he has his phone number as well. Mona, without wasting time, blocked his number in WhatsApp. The Mona driver suggested to file a complaint with the police, but Mona was not sure this idea as she did not know how he would react to such in the future. “”

It is still not sure about what do, Mona consulted some of his friends. Finally, Mona and her close friends decided to wait before filing a complaint with the police, until it returns to call or take  this act to a whole new level. “When contacted Mona said,” the last wee This incident took place ie on 2 August. I’m still a bit shaken with this blatant act of challenge. But I have not let it affect me at all. I am quite game for selfies but selfies with strangers is a big no for me. I can not imagine that a man could go to this measure only a selfie. I could have filed a complaint with the police, but thought against it, not wanting to make things worse. “