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Swaragini 9 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 9 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Ragini and Laksh are going somewhere. Durga Prasad asks Ragini where she is going? Ragini says she is going to doctor as she is having headache. Laksh says he is taking her to hospital. Swara says she will not bear anyone and will tell truth to everyone. Sanskar stops her. Ragini asks Swara to come with her. Annapurna tells Durga Prasad that she don’t want to see Ragini’s face. Durga Prasad says we will come out of this drama. Swara asks Ragini and Laksh, why they are acting. Laksh asks her not to tell anything to Ragini and says she wants to rectify her mistakes. Swara asks him why he is supporting Ragini in her lie. She says do you think that I will change my decision. Ragini says I don’t have any option left. She says you can’t do repentance by lying. Sanskar says my lie was not stretched for long. Swara asks him, why he stopped her from saying the truth. Sanskar says it would have been embarrassing for us as Laksh already said that he is taking Ragini to doctor. Laksh says you also wants this as you want Swara to be your wife. Ragini asks Swara to give a chance to Laksh. Swara says never.
Laksh says when you can forgive Ragini, then why not me. I can forgive her, but can’t give her place in my life as I always love you. Ragini says I will get more peace by uniting you. Swara says I am tired of explaining to both of you. She says she can’t support them in their lie and will inform everyone about the truth. Laksh says okay you can tell, but then you have to see my dead face. He emotionally blackmails to commit suicide. He says if you don’t stay in my life then this life will not be there. Sanskar asks what you are saying? Laksh says you are also responsible for all this as you is the one who started the conspiracy. Swara asks him not to emotionally blackmail her. Sanskar tells Swara that Laksh is not lying and is serious. Swara comes inside the house.
Swara tells Annapurna that they have returned as Laksh took Ragini to hospital. Sujata asks her to have food. Swara refuses. Sujata asks Sanskar to have food. Sanskar also goes to his room. Ragini tells Laksh that Swara might be worried about him and realized love. Laksh smiles. Ragini holds his hand and tells that they shall go on a long drive as Swara told family that they went to hospital. Laksh agrees. Ragini asks do you belief that I am repenting for my mistakes and want to unite you both. Laksh says not now. Once he sits in car, Ragini says we have to spend life together and I will wait till that day. It is really enjoyable to wait.
Swara thinks what does Laksh wants in life. She says Laksh is supporting Ragini now and says he is very confused. She says why don’t he understand that I don’t want to return in his life and says she shouldn’t have lied. She tells Sanskar why he is silent. She says she needs his help. Sanskar asks her to be silent, makes her drink water and says I know you are very tensed. He says there is one solution to your problem.
Ragini and Laksh comes back home and see some stuff. Parineeta tells them that Swara is going back to her house as everyone know the truth now. Parineeta says Sanskar told them that he don’t want to keep marriage with Swara. She says Swara went to temple now. Ragini tells Laksh that she doesn’t understand why Sanskar is doing this. She says how can he separate two lovers. He will be great in Annapurna and Durga Prasad’s eyes, and says it will be his benefit. She instigates Laksh against Sanskar and fills his ears. She says if Swara goes from this house, then she will never get back to you. Laksh thinks how can his own brother will stoop so low to get Swara and is angry.
Precap: Swara dances with Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor in the temple.

Recap: swalak the love birds —————————————— It’s morning swara wakes up with her mobile beep it’s from laksh ” gud morning shona. Bring ur dad to cabinet blindfolded there to reveal all truth”. Swara replies “okey dokey”. She wakes up ragini but covers herself with cover and replies i want to sleep. Swara leaves the room. She returns and sees ragini sleeping yet she takes jug of water with ice which she got and pours it on ragini. Ragini wakes with a jerk and sits straight a ice cube goes into her shirt she jumps from her and takes a handfull of ice cube lieing on the bed and puts it in swaras shirt. Swara screams feeling the chill down her spine. Both take the pillow and start fighting and at last both sit exhausted. Swara tells get ready it’s doomsday of raghav lekh. The girls are ready swara and ragini wear a same type of floral frock which reaches to knee. They look same to same today but ragini ties a pony tail to her hair while swara lets it open. They take a black scarf and come down. After breakfast they blindfold shekar and take him. He asks where are they taking him. Ragini says we are kidnapping u to a deep a jungle. Shekar laughs. Swara driving the car tells papa a surprise. They reach a farmhouse in a jungle it belongs to sanlak. They enter the room and see dp and a man of 50 tall firm feeling less he is raghav lekh it’s first time swaragini seeing him. Even they are blindfolded. Swara sees laksh and is really happy and sends him a flying kiss. Ragsan see it and smiles, ragini thinks sanskar is really a pattu. They open the eyes of all three. Shekar and dp see each other and stands up to leave but swara and laksh hold them and asks them to sit. Ragini switches on the projector there. A video of raghav lekh he meets a mysterious man and says ” boss as told we ruptured shekar and dp’s business soon we will spoil their family. Well i never thought they would have very less trust on each other however it’s our benefit” the video cuts. Shekar and dp angrily eye raghav who tries to sneak from there. Sanskar stops him and beats him while police comes and arrest raghav. Dp and shekar hug eachother and apologize. All happy. Swaragini leave to take the car. Sanlak talk to shekar about something but swaragini don’t hear it. They come out and the girls ask what were they talking to her father. Laksh says he asked how we know u. They see sanlak suspiciously. Sanlak says let us leave. Sanlak leave dp at office and ask can we go out pa and can we even join the academy again. Dp smiles of course u can. Sanlak come to an jewelry. Laksh asks them to show diamond rings. He asks sanskar to help finding a design. Sanskar searches many. He sees a ring with center stone and gold leaf plate design on sides. Sanskar thinks it’s for my ragini. As he is seeing it laksh says i got it and take ring a stone of shape of dewdrop with platinum base. He bills and as they leave sanskar says he left his mobile in and ask him get the car and wait. Well it’s a multi complex so it takes 5minutes to take get the car out. Sanskar comes in and bills that ring and gets his mobile. He hides the ring and they leave.
Next epi: Shopping day yipee!!!! Sanlak and swaragini shopping —————————————— Hehehe like the epi. Waiting for comments

precap– swasan reach london. lakshya works on his plan.
scen1 london
swasan reach london n then their hotel. swara is surprised 2 see a honeymoon sweet n asks sanskar about it. sanskar- its coz v r on or honeymoon they go for sightseening.swara is wearing black top n pink mini skirt. sanskar is wearing yellow shirt n royal blue blazor n jeans. they visit london bridge, buckingham palace. madame tussads, etc.when they r back its raining. swara stands near d window. sanskar comes fr behind n hug her. they share a tight kiss. mai hu hero tera is played in bg. they dance. song switches 2 tu hai hero mera. then sanskar unties swaras chain(of her dress). he takes out his shirt. they consummate their marriage. morning…. swara wakes up n sees sanskar lovingly. as soon as she tries 2 get up sanskar pulls her. sanskar- not now swara- u hav 2 go oofice. sanskar- bt swara- no sanskar- then come lets bath 2gether they bath 2gether which takes 1 hr. they go 2 office.
scene2 india maheshwari mansion
lakshya works on his plan n thinks—– yes i got it. this is my plan. ragini get ready fr a very big shock. ragini – lakshya. whats d plan. he tells her his plan. lakshya- like this we will destroy both.
precap– all go 2 london.
sry guys fr a short update n mistakes. i have 2 go out of station so.. guyz i will not update ff for 7-8 days . im sry.plz comment below. i nfind very less comments.

Sanskar sees swara sad and comes to her and keeps his hand on her shoulder and she hugs him back and tells him that i did not know like these bad days would come for my family.and she also tells that my papa always kept me and ragini as a princess u know that ver well right .sanskar tells her that that day would come back soon so dont worry .and tells her when dp and shekar uncle are there why are u worrying they will take care of eyerything so chill swara.swara u r right sanskar and smiles.sanskar tells atlast u smiled fine then we can go to dinner i am so hungry swara smiles and says by yes and sanskar also smiles .
On the other side we see ragini standing on the balcony thinking something seriously and laksh see that and goes near her and ask what happened but ragini does not see laksh because of her thinking and laksh shakes ragini and ragini comes to her senses and sees laksh and ask when did he come .laksh ask r u ok ragini ask him that am i looking k and how do u think i would be k after seeing this much thing happening to my family.laksh tells ragini everything will be k and u have to be strong then only sumi aunty strong ragini tells him that u r right but i itself not having a strength to face everything then how could i give strength to my mom .laksh tells her that i thought u r jhansi ki rani but i mistaken u hearing this ragini smiles .laksh exactly this the ragini whom i know and tells her to keep smiling like this always whoever see this would get strength themselves.laksh tells ragini we can go to dinner and takes her down.
Swasan and raglak comes down for dinner and dp wife bring sumi and dp ,shekar also comes there and they also sit to have dinner .swara aks sanskar where is ur mom i did not see her and sanskar tells her she has gone to her hometown and swara says k .and all start having their dinner .
Preacap : Swargini teased byvsome boys and sanlak comes for thei rescue

scene:1 swara get schoked by her action but she compose herself in and think about what to do .rag enter to swara’s room and console her. She said she will be there for her.by then sanskaar entered room and go out swiftly by taking pillow and banklet .swara hold him and ragini leave the place .he flew away her hand this make hurt in her hand .when he saw the hurt he feel very soory and hugg her.she said he need him now as a friend .but he deny .and tell her to take a gud decison . He leave the room. Swara get confused and she want get all the problem so cut her wrist.by then aacidently he occur there for taking his phone.he feel something wrong.smiling swara give him gud ni8. Ahead to close the door .she feel dizzy and sanky hold her .take her to bed and find the cut in her hand .he do the aid and stay in the room for her care scene :2 swara came down down and annouce she need to be known as swara sanskaar maheswari;) . Laksh came down and apologise to all.he accept rags AFTER A WEEK BOTH SWARAGINI WERE PREGNANT.EVERYONE IS HAPPY. SCENE 3 LAKSH give cholate to swara and sanskaar give pani puri to rag .both become happy.a call came from office sanskaar want to be there.and rag wish to see her daadi .dp told sans kaar to leave her baadi. Before going sanky need a kiss so for that he go to swara .swara go behind the curtain and give him a liplook.he remove the curtain for thanking he saw laksh and shocked .everyone began to laugh. After 1 hr swara got a message that sanskaar and meet with an accident and their bodies were damaged.swara fall on the ground this cause abortion .when came to room shocked to see her on ground .she explained everyone began to brust in tears. AFTER A WEEK.SWARA AND LAKSH COMPOSE THEMSELF. SCENE :4 laksh go to her room and call bhabhi come out for hospital.(swara feel afever). Swara come down wearing a light color dress . Her cute smile is not there.laksh gave her a choclate and take her to hospital .
Precap swalak saw ragsan .

Swara forgives laksh and he eyes her longingly thinking sth…they decide to do breakfast together.in the morning they enjoy breakfast and sanskar says to ragini that I have to talk to you for a moment.he says he is haply for laksh and you.now tell me what should I do??she tells him to keep irritating her and getting her angry.she asks him to take her out somewhere first.he complies.laksh asks swara if she has forgiven him.she says yes and thinks how can I forgive you.ragsan come and sanskar asks swara to get ready by noon we will go out.ragini thinks sanskar is so eager.he leaves with laksh.swaragini have a chat.ragini tells swara that they will leave within few days and says that I told papa and ma about laksh’s changed behaviour and they are very happy.swara smiles and thinks that about sanskar.she tells ragini abt her divorce demand and feelings.ragini acts to be shocked and reprimands her.she asks if she loves sanskar?swara complies.ragini says tell him be4 its too late.she promises her that she will say it today as I know that he love me so why m I afraid??ragini smiles and both leave for shopping .swaragini select dresses for themselves and their respective husbands. Swara gets ready mesmerizing sanskar nd they both leave.they arrive at a restaurant and when waiter asks order sanskar tells everything that swara likes and swara orders sth that sanskar likes.waiter compliments them for their love.both smile. Meanwhile ragini sees laksh trying to prepare cake but much to her amusement he makes his face dirty with flour and his cake bursts.ragini is in fits of laughter while he is disappointed. Swara and sanskar walk and talk.swara thanks him and he says that he wants to make his every moment special with her.she smiles and he says that he will miss her once she is gone.she is tensed. Ragini goes to laksh and cleans his face with her dupatta.he eyes her lovingly and she says that she will help him.both start making cake. Swasan are on their way back home.it starts raining,sanskar again irritates swara and she asks him to stop it as she won’t divorce him as its her final decision.he says u cant take all decisions.why cant you leave me as you were the one who wanted this.she gets angry and asks him to stop car.she gets out and he asks her to stop as its raining and we are standing in the middle of road. Sanskar:wts wrong with you swara Swara:wts wrong with you.dnt u get it that I wont divorce you. Sanskar shouts:why? Swara blurts out bcz I LOVE YOU DAMN IT!!! Sanskar is happy at the success of plan and says I LOVE YOU TOO. Swara is about to hug her but he says why did not you say it be4? Swara says why did you not understand it? Sanskar says I just wanted you to speak. Swara I ve spoken now and instead of meking everythinwfine in this beautiful rain u r fighting,he laughs and lhugs her tight. Raglak make cake and laksh writes on it I love you…both smile.later laksh is talking sweetly and lovingly on his phone and ragink asks whom is he talking to.he says his gf,she gets angry and snatches phone but is embarrassed to find Annapurna on other side.laksh teases her and asks if she is jealous.he pulls her closer and kisses her forehead saying that since you came in my life I cant think abt anybody else.she smiles and hugs him. Swara starts spinning and enjoys rain while sanskar continues looking at her.
BOL NA HALKE HALKE plays in bg…
Sanskar holds her hand and pulls her closer.swara’s back is towards him.he moves swara’s hair from neck and kisses her on neck.swara is breathing heavily when sanskar moves his finger on swara’s neck who is fully drenced.he picks her up and spins. They then find a cottage and move in.they are drenched in rain.swara finds a white saree there and goes to change.sanskar ignites fire and takes off his shirt.swara comes.he holds her hand and kisses it.
He then kisses her forehead.swara turns and he opens her saree’s back and moves his hand on it.swara turns around and hugs him tightly.he then cups her face and they share a lip kiss .swara lies down.sanskar kisses her foot.she is shit nervous and excited.he starts moving up.swara takes a turn.her belly part is exposed and sankar kisses her back.she shuts her eyes.sanskar then kisses the back if her neck and straightens her moving her toward him.he kisses her eyes,cheeks and then takes off her saree.he romances her neck and a tear rolls down her eyes.they consummate their marriage.they wake up next morning with both covered in a sheet and clothe less.sanskar says last night was unforgettable.swara smiles.sanskar says I u don’t want divorce now.she hits and says of course not.he says if would want I wont give you.she smiles and they again hide under sheet….

Family still stuck with Ragini b’coz of her memory loss drama Laksh still irritated seeing SwaSan bonding with each other Swara still confused about her love for Sanskaar And SANSKAAR… is damn irritated, frustrated, sad seeing Swara still not loving him back… At dining table… Adarsh: suno laksh, Jammu me hamaari ek bohot hi important meeting h.papa aur Chacha ji office ka saara kaam sambhal rahe h aur main parineeta ko is halat me chhodkar nhi jaana chahta (yeah…Pari is pregnant…)isliye tumhe hi jaana hoga… Laksh doesn’t want to lose a chance to run away from Ragini but his insecurity after imagining SwaSan together in the house and he himself faraway makes him say this!!! Laksh: bhai aap theek keh rahe h par aapko nhi lagta k itni important meeting k liye Hume kisi aise insaan ko bhejna Chahiye Jo is Sab me EXPERT Ho …..Jaise….(acts like thinking.) Sanskaar ko bhejna Chahiye…hai na??? Adarsh:thik h main USSe baat karke Sab finalize kar deta hu. Laksh (too exited): aur main abhi tickets book kar deta hu!!! Adarsh talks to Sanskaar and Sanskaar being Sanskaar agrees… Laksh pops out of somewhere and asks him to Pack his bags soon as he has to leave tomorrow morning… In SwaSan’s room… Swara who has now started loving Sanskaar hugs his T-shirt romantically. Sanskaar enters… She quickly starts ironing it to avoid eye contact. Sanskaar sadly takes the bag and starts putting His stuff.She asks him and he tells about the Jammu Trip. She is sad and shocked beyond words… Swara: What??? Jammu???for how much time??? Sanskaar : maybe 10 days… Swara: 10 days??? And what about me??? Sanskaar : Swara relax !!! Why r u getting hyper??? Swara: Relax!!!how can I???how can u leave lyk this??? Sanskaar : I just have to…and why shud I stay???give me one good reason??? Swara : U have to stay because… Sanskaar : Because??? (Sanskaar thinks plz Swara aaj bol do…) Swara : Because I get bored when u’re not around… Sanskaar : I’m not a JOKER Swara : When u’re there I feel safe. Sanskaar : I’m not a security GUARD!!! Swara : I need U… Sanskaar : WHY??? She was silent… (And walks towards the cupboard) Sanskaar smiles and walk towards Swara. He comes closer and closer and closer…she closes her eyes and he kisses her passionately…She first hesitated at the suddenness of the moment and then gave in…She doesn’t stop him giving him his answer but he was determined to make her say it… Sanskaar:The ‘because ‘ is still between us… (and continues his packing) Seeing this she walked to him angrily, turned him around, held his face and shouted,”b’coz I LOVE U DAMNIT”and they had an eyelock… She tried to keep her face composed and angry but to betray her cheater tears had started rolling down her cheeks.She couldn’t even stand the thought of living without him for 10 days!!! this Time Sanskaar didn’t let the HANDKERCHIEF SCENE start again. Instead he wiped the tears with his own hands and sensuously touched her face watching her reaction She tried to walk away but slipped and tried to hold Sanskaar and both of them fell on the bed… They have an intense eye lock…Sanskaar was over her and was making no attempt to move!!! Swara started trying to move him and get up but the heat of the recent argument made him misunderstand her actions and he began to unravel her saree She didn’t know what to do!!! Asking him to stay away was completely out!!! Swara: Sanskaar please ruk jao… She managed to say still breathing heavily… Sanskaar: Tumhe mujhpe bharosA nhi h Swara???? Swara: nhi Sanskaar poora bharosa h tumpe par main darti hu…darti hu k ye pal beet jayega… Darti hu k tum mujhe chhodkar chale jaoge aur phir mere pas kuchh nhi hoga siwaaye inn yaado k… He smiled in the sweetest and most romantic way and said… Sanskaar: main tumhe kabhi chhod kar nhi jaunga because …. I love u DAMNIT… She was touched by his words and grabbed him closer… There was no stopping then… He wanted to love her and she was filled with desires… He had loved her all his life and now was this moment… Now he had only one desire… The desire to make her his…Now she reciprocated his love and both bodies rocked in unison… They undressed each other and loved each other. he hadn’t turned off all the lights and now he had a full view of her body… Her unending beauty… thoughts reverberated in his mind. He was mesmerized with her beauty.She did look really hot and s*xy today. He had never imagined or wanted her like this….but still he felt unconditional happiness in this moment…His actions increased Her passion and her hands were clutching his hair. . . Morning… Both are covered with sheets and smiling about what happened. Sanskaar whispers in Swara’s ear,”Agli baar mujhse Itna intezaar mat karwana warna ye bed hi toot jayega…” She simply blushed and buried her head under his chest.. She was a perfect fit in his arms…as if she was made to be there… Safe and happy… and their heads went under the blanket…

2 girls are getting ready to go to the academy.. One with a morden jumpsuit ofcoase she’s swara.. N other with a traditional look, a pink kurta which is our ragini Both go the academy in a happy mood.. After the academy while going back home# Swaragini meets laksh Lakh : hey swara how are you? Swara: I’m fine seeing you after a long break where were you? Lakh:actually my bro came last week he went to abroad for studies now he’s back so I took leave.. Swara: I would love to meet your bro Laksh: Ok…sooo meet us 2day @ MM Swaragini leave with a smiling face At swaragini room# Ragini thinks about lucky… She smiles n blushes Swara sees her lost in deep thinking n smiling She asks..what happened ragini whom are u thinking about? (With a teasing look) Rags feels shy n says n..no nooothi..ng Swara:rags can’t hide anything from me..Ok Rags @ last says..I was thinking about laksh.. Swara I don’t know what has happened to me but nowadays I am thinking about laksh all the time… Swara oh rags I think u like laksh… Rags feels shy n says no nothing like that… Swara giggles n asks her to sleep
Precap:laksh introduces his bro to swara..she gets mesmerized on seeing him Rags is surprised to find sanskaar as laksh’s bro…

PRECAP: Sanskaar realizing his love for Swara and Swara in dilemma whether she loves Sanskaar.
Today is Sangeet and preparations are on full swing.Swara and Ragini are looking pretty.Swara is wearing a fusia pink lehenga and Ragini is wearing a sharara.They bring Kajal down for the sangeet to start.Sanskaar looks at Swara lovingly.She smiles at him.They boys are wearing sherwani.The sangeet ceremony starts and Thapki and Bihaan comes and dance together romantically on the song..Mehendi lagake rakna……Next, Simar and Prem dance on the song…..Teri Galliyan…..Next ,Ishaani and Ranveet comes and dance on tum hi ho……Its Swara’s turn to dance and she asks Sanksaar Swara: Mere saath dance karoge?(Will u dance with me?) Sanskaar: Kyun? Koi aur nahi mili kya?(Why?U did not get anybody else?) Swara: Nahi kyunke koi aur nahi mili tumhaare jaisa acha dance kar sake.Tumhi ne tho kaha tha ke tum mujhe kabhi ghirne nahi doge so will u dance?( no because i did not get anyone who can dance as well as u.And by the way, it was u who said u will never let me fall.So will u dance) Sanksaar smiles and nods.Ragini looks at them and she and laksh join them for dance.They dance on Prem ratan dhan payo and Jalte diye…….Ragini feels a bit jealous seeing their closeness.Suddenly, While dancing, Ragini slips and Sanskaar holds her.She looks at him and smiles.Just then Laksh comes and Hold her hand and says Are u ok Ragini? Ragini is sad that she had to woke up from Sankskaar lap.They continue dancing.
After the Sangeet Everyone is sitting and talking to each other.Ragini goes to bring snacks.Seeing Swara tensed, Ishaani asks Ishaani:Kya hua swara? Tum theek tho ho na( What hap? Are u fine?) Swara tells her everything and also about her mixed feelings regarding Sanskaar.Ishaani smiles Ishaani: Tumhe Sanskaar se pyaar ho gaya hain.(U have fallen in love with Sankskaar) Swara: par mujhe kaise pata hoga ke main usse pyaar karti houn?(But how will i know that i am in love with him) Ishaani: Agar bohat saare bheer mein tum usse pehchaan sakte ho, Agar tum uske hone ka ehsaas kar sakti ho, Agar tum uske chehre se nahi, Uske dil se usse pehchaan sakti ho phir tum usse pyaar karti ho(If i can recognize him among crowds, If u can feel him if he is near, If u can recognize him not by his face but by his heart, then u r in love.) Swara looks at her and asks are u sure.Ishaani smiles and nods.
Here also, sanksaar is telling ranveer his mixed feelings towards Ragini.Ranveer tells him the same things which Ishaani told Swara.Sanskaar looks at him and asks are u sure.He smiles and said yes.
After all the guests is gone,The ladies are preparing for tomorrow’Haldi.Swara and Ragini are preparing the Haldi.Ragini thinks about Sanskaar and he holding her during dance.Swara goes to get some water from the kitchen to add in the haldi.She brings it with her.Just then, Sanskaar is returning from the kitchen.Swara collides with him and some haldi fall on them.They have an eyelock and they remember Ishaani and Ranveer’s words.They compose themselves Swara: acha hua ke haldi nahi ghiri.( its gud the haldi hasnt fallen) Sanskaar: Han but some has fallen on us. They look at each other and laugh.Sanskaar smiles seeing her laughing heartily.Sanskaar says u look gud smiling.Swara looks at him overwhelmed.
Laksh comes and offers help to Ragini.while preparing the haldi, He puts some on her cheeks just for fun.She is angry and put some on his cheeks as well.She laugh.He is mesmerized seeing her laughing.She looks more pretty laugjing while haldi is on her cheeks.Suddenly the wind blows and a chunri fall on them They look at each other surprised.They have an eyelock.Laksh removed the chunri and wishes her gudnight and goes.She is confused.She thinks why like when he is with me?Jalte diye……play…….Swara comes and says Ragini wo……she stops and both are surprised to see haldi on each other.Swara asks Swara: Tumhe yeh haldi kaise lagi(How u got this haldi) Ragini tells her everything and swara teases her.Ragini then asks Ragini: how did U get this haldi? Swara tells her everything and Ragini feels bad.She smiles fakely.Both think of5 Sanskaar.
Precap: Swara asking Sanskaar to prove his love for her and give him 3 months time.Sanskaar is surprised!