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Swaragini 8 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 8 November 2015 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sanskar coming to his room. Swara asks why did you keep fast? What was the need, you had fainted because of weakness. Sanskar says we have talked about it already. Swara says I know, and says Dadi, Dadi, Sumi and Shekhar, and others have blessed her for our togetherness. she says you have ruined everything. Sanskar apologizes angrily and says I am sorry repeatedly. He says he is tired of thinking what to do, and asks her to give some manual so that he does according to her. Swara apologizes and says she has over reacted. Sanskar asks her to accept his words and asks her to return to his life, don’t break his marriage and be his wife. Laksh hears everything and is shocked. Swara asks what you are saying? Sanskar says when you can tell me, what I shall do? He says we are going through the same pain, and if you are together then we can fight with any problem. Swara says you said that you will never show any right on me. Sanskar says I have broken my promise. Ragini comes and asks Laksh to come with her, and taunts him for eyeing Swara during karvachauth fast. They leave.
Sanskar tells Swara that if she is feeling betrayed, and asks her not to worry as he will not break any promise. He just want to show her what one feels when someone forces anybody to do something against his/her wish. He says he don’t want to express his love, but he don’t expect her to tell him not to love her. Swara apologizes and says she don’t him to have any pain. She says she can understand his pain and says she knows how it feels when dreams are broken. Sanskar says my case is different. When I loved you, I knew that there is no chance for me. He says he will not give his life and says it is so filmy. He says he will not drink, or end life or become devdas, and asks her not to worry. He tells her that her kajal has spoiled, and wipes the extra kajal. He asks her not to say him thanks. Swara smiles.
Swara, Sanskar, Laksh and Ragini come downstairs to have food. Sanskar takes the bowl from Swara’s hand and says he will serve food to all the ladies today as they have kept fast. Adarsh says Sanskar is right and offers to help him. All the ladies sit down to have food happily. Laksh is shocked and looks at Sanskar and Swara. Ragini tells Laksh that Sanskar loves Swara a lot and have a caring nature. Laksh gets annoyed with her comment.
Adarsh says lets start eating. Everyone have food. Suddenly Swara starts coughing. Sanskar gives her water, and makes her drink with his hand. Laksh is shocked and annoyed. Swara smiles and looks at Sanskar. Sanskar also smiles. Laksh gets jealous and gets up without having food. Swara gets a message on her mobile from Laksh asking her to come to lawn now. He sends another message warning her that he will tell Ragini about her memory loss, and will tell family that he loves her and wants her back in his life.
Swara gets tensed and goes to talk to Laksh after making an excuse. She asks Laksh what does he want to do? Laksh asks what you are doing? He says he heard Sanskar and her conversation, and asks if he was forcing her to stay in marriage. Swara asks who are you to ask me and is about to go. Laksh says I heard you have refused to accept Swara as you loves me. Swara says I have tired of answering same question. Laksh holds her closely and asks her to answer. Swara asks him to leave her hand. Sanskar comes there and tells Laksh that he is hurting Swara. He asks him to let her go. Laksh asks Sanskar to go inside as they are talking. Sanskar says it will be very embarrassing if anyone sees us here. He asks who are you? Laksh says I was Swara’s to be husband. Sanskar says I am Swara’s future husband. Laksh says you are calling yourself husband by making false relations. He says we were about to get married, and says he can talk with this right. Swara asks Laksh to keep quiet and says if Ragini sees us. She is shocked to see Ragini standing. Ragini tells Laksh, you still loves Swara……..and faints. Swara and Sanskar rush to her, and ask her to open the eyes. Swara tells Laksh that if anything happens to Ragini, then? Laksh says Ragini is acting.
Swara asks him how he is behaving and says Doctor asked them not to give her any shock. Laksh says Ragini is acting. Sanskar says if she is not acting then we will be responsible, as her parents left her here on our responsibility. Swara cries. Sanskar says we shall take her from back door, else everyone will get worried. Laksh looks on. Sanskar takes Ragini to their room. Swara sits at her side. Sanskar says he will call doctor. Just then Ragini gains consciousness and acts asking why she is here. Laksh asks her to recall. Ragini says I was in Papa’s house. Everyone looks on cluelessly.
Annapurna tells that Swara, Ragini, Sanskar and Laksh have went somewhere. Sujata says Swara and Ragini left work on our shoulder and went. They are sweet with tongue and bitter at heart. Annapurna says atleast Swara is not like that and goes to see her. Parineeta makes Kheer. Sujata asks her to give her kheer. Ragini asks Swara about the electric shock. Swara tells her that they have come here after she lost her memory. Ragini says you have to do it again, and says Laksh and I are getting divorced. Laksh says wow, you have recalled everything. Ragini says I really wanted to die and that’s why touched that wire. Laksh says may be you would have died. Swara asks Laksh, can’t he see her condition. Ragini apologizes to Swara. Laksh asks her not to act. Swara asks him to trust on Ragini. Laksh doesn’t trust her and leaves. Ragini says I deserve his hatredness.
Annapurna comes there and says she met Laksh outside. Swara says she was about to come and apologizes. Sanskar was about to tell about Ragini regaining her memory. Ragini tells her that she got unconscious, and Sanskar and Swara helped her come to room. She hides about regaining the memory. Annapurna asks them to come and have kheer. She goes. Swara asks Ragini, why did she hide about getting her memory back from Annapurna. Ragini says if I would have told her, then she would have asked me to return to Baadi. She says you want to give second chance to your marriage and that’s why you came, but you don’t want it from your heart.
She says you came here as I lost my memory. Sanskar asks why did you lied to Annapurna? Ragini says if I leave from here, then I can’t rectify my mistakes. She says you came here as Sanskar’s wife, and says my marriage with Laksh is broken. She says I won’t let anything bad happen to you, and says she will help Laksh and her to unite, and says it will be her punishment. She says she will be relieved thinking she is the one who has united them. Swara says she don’t wish to return in his life. Ragini says I have seen in your eyes that you love Laksh. Ragini apologizes to Sanskar and asks if he understands her. Swara tells Ragini that she is misunderstanding her. Ragini asks her to unite with Laksh and asks her not to snatch repentance chance for her. She asks her to forgive Laksh and says even though he married me, but still loves you. Swara goes. Ragini tells Sanskar that she knows that he loves him, but don’t you think they shall be together. Sanskar goes. Ragini drinks the water and says Laksh’s condition is over now. Laksh, Swara and Sanskar will do what I wants.
Ragini comes downstairs and offers to serve Kheer. Durga Prasad says let Parineeta serve it. Ragini insists and serves to everyone. She praises Parineeta for making delicious kheer, and asks Laksh and everyone to compliment Parineeta.
Sanskar comes to his room and tells Swara that he has forgetton his phone. Swara asks what Ragini is doing? Sanskar says penance. Swara asks what you are saying? Sanskar says Laksh loves you, and you also loves him as you don’t love me. He asks if you can forgive Ragini, then why can’t you forgive Laksh. Swara asks why you are talking about this. Sanskar asks her to give one chance to Laksh. Swara says you will take your brother’s side. Sanskar says God never let him think about himself. Ragini comes there and takes Swara with her to meet Laksh. She tells Laksh that she has understood his mistake and have realized that she will never get his love or forgiveness. She asks Swara to accept Laksh and give him a chance. She gives her promise to Swara. Video cam is shown which she has kept. Swara tells Ragini that she can’t do this. Ragini says give him one chance. Swara says she don’t want to give him chance. Swara tells Laksh that she has forgiven him, and tells Ragini that she will tell truth to family. She says she can’t stay in lie and in a false relation. Laksh says relation can be false, but my love is not false. Swara goes.
Ragini tells Laksh that she wants him to unite with Swara. Laksh says we will be together with our wish. Ragini says if Swara tells everything to family then I have to return to Baadi. She asks him to stop Swara from telling her family about her truth so that she stays in house. She says she is sure that one day Swara will accept him. She turns and eyes the video cam.
Swara comes to her room and thinks where is Sanskar? She thinks Ragini is not understanding her, and says she don’t love Laksh anymore. She sees Sanskar planting in night and goes there. Sanskar asks her to vent out her heart talk and anger. Swara says Laksh and Ragini aren’t listening to her, and says it is all wrong. She says she is tired of lies and sits down on the bench. Sanskar picks the plant cutting knife, and picks it up. He says he haven’t heard anything and asks her to help him. He explains to her about plants and asks her to breathe in and breathe out to take out stress. Swara breathe in and breathe out. She says she was angry and didn’t realize that she is talking nonstop. Sanskar asks her not to angry and says I am sowing seed of my thinking in your mind. Swara says I don’t know what to do. Sanskar asks her to think from her heart and mind. He tells that Laksh and Ragini told about her decision. He tells that she knows about his decision and asks what is her decision. Swara tells him that she wants to tell truth to everyone, and then…….Sanskar says you want to leave this house for forever.
Precap: Durga Prasad asks Ragini what happened? Ragini says she is having headache. Swara thinks it is enough now and tells everyone that she wants to tell them truth. Later Swara dances with Salman Khan and Sonam Kapoor as they come for their film promotion.


Dp calls swaragini and tells them to get ready that they are going to his house. Swarigini get shocked and looks at shekar, but he doesnt tell anything so they quietly went inside to get their luggage packed. Sanskar helps swara to pack her luggage, on the other side laksh helps ragini. All of the shekar family came out with their packed luggage. when they about to leave they turned to see their house and rememebered their lovely times. Swara and ragini hugged each other and cried. Sanlak pacified them.dp takes sumi and dadi and shekar in his car and ask sanlak to take swaragini and all of them reach dps house. When they all entered the house. Dps family got confused by seeing them with their luggages. Dps wife came running and asked them what happened. At the time sumi started to cry. Dps wife understood something is wrong. Dp tells his wife that he will tell later what happened and asked her to get the rooms ready for them. Dps wife consoles sumi when they got into the room. Then sumi told her everything crying. Dps wife told everything will be ok and sekar will take care of it well. And dps wife hugs her and consoled her. Dp asked sanlak to swarigini to their room. When swaragini enter their room. They kept quiet while sanlak tried to cheer them up.and they unpack their luggages and shekar thanks dp for his help but dp tells him that if it would have happened them he would have done the same but shekar says thanks to him again.and sanlak tells swaragini to take rest and asks them to come down for dinner for afterwards.
Precap: Swaragini family and sanlak family are having dinner.

Recap:sanlak tell each other that they love swara and ragini respectively
Scene:1 In the restaurant
Swasan and raglak are enjoying their dinner which was given by both the sides(swasan and raglak). Laksh:Imagine if we will win this dance competition and we four will go to London……. All four are lost in their imaginations. Swara:We will drive on London bridge. Ragini:We will hear the Bell of the huge London clock. Sanskar:we will visit the biggest library of London. Waiter comes and give them bill .they were lost.then waiter twist his fingers and they came out from their dream.sanskar takes the bill and give money. They all went to their home.
Scene:2 At the airport All for are ready to go the teacher comes and tells them best of luck .All hug their parents and live.
Scene:3 In Delhi All the contestants came to the hall where dance competition was. All perform their dance and swara tells that don’t worry sanskar we will only win and laksh tells no we will win swara tells let see. Swasan perform on hangover and raglak on halkat jawani. Then the judges gave the result to the host and the host tell that it is tie and the winner is …………..
Precap:A girl comes and hug swara and ragini respectively Swara introduce her as her cousin sister and her name is kaamya.S Kaamya comes and shake hands with sanskar and come close to him and feel something as if she is in love with him.

It’s fresh day and usual morning. Swaragini and sanlak went to company. Swaragini gained some interest in their new ideas. They reach their cabin and see their mobile beeping with msg from piya. Swara reads it ” meet me games park at 4″ swaragini take a leave from office. They get down the car and see even sanlak have come there. Swara feels 50% happy and 50% angry. All four enter the games park it’s fun place with kids playing building blok and some guys seem around 13 playing bike games. They see siya piya ram and omi sitting on grassy mound and chatting. They join there and form a circle. Swara asks siya why she had called them here. Piya smiles and take her iPad starting a video. Sanlak and swaragini are shocked seeing it. The flashback It’s morning piya and ram with her ipad shows thumbs up to a car. In car it’s omi and siya connected with laptop and showing a video what ram seeing. A button camera attached to ram’s shirt. They go near a godown. Ram sees the ventilator, he points it to piya. She nods and starts the video on her ipad and searches a stool to place it there. Ram understands and lifts her along her waist she places the iPad and positions it. He gets her down she thanks him they sneak to the side to watch if raghav lekh has come out. Meanwhile omi and siya see the contact and other details of raghav in the car. Just then he looks up and sees piya and ram running holding the iPad. Siya starts the car as she was the one driving it and the latter jump into the car and vroom they are here. Flashback ends Swaragini hugs them. Swara tells i will get something for u guys treat by us. Swara gets up laksh stops her and says he will accompany her. She nods and they leave towards stall. Swara: i don’t want to talk to you. You know we are JUST friends. And never expected u will fall in love with me. Laksh : i never told i love u. Swara: that day u kissed me didn’t mean it. Laksh: then u mean it to your. Swara: i never said so Laksh:but eye does. Laksh grabs swara’s arm and twirls her and clutches her close. Ragini and others will see laksh holding swara tight she tries to go but sanskar holds her wrist and orders her to sit. Ragsan see swalak tensedly. Laksh: swara it’s enough of ur acting. Why do u always tell only to me just friends? Why does every hug and hold means for u? Why u always show hate in u when ur eyes says something? Why swara why? A tear trickles down her eyes to cheeks Swara: laksh u are hurting Laksh loosens his grip on her arm Swara: i fear that i might love u, i fear it can take my dreams away, i fear …..i fear i may loose i can’t bear that. I love u laksh that’s why i try to be away from but i can’t anymore. Saying it swara hugs him and cries. Laksh hugs her back and brushes her hair and says i love you too swara and i will take all the fear in your heart. Ragini jumps seeing all fine between them and hugs sanskar in happiness. She realises and retreats back she notices him still holding her hand even ram siya piya omi notice and chuckle. Ragini takes her hand and slides it under her jean pocket. Swalak come back laughing and happy. Omi says man today is the best day. Ragini is still sad feeling so empty in her heart. Next epi: raghav lekh truth relived to dp and shekar they unite back and 2days for swaragini birthday —————————————— Wow i made it happen soon ya less ragsan but first swalak ka paka hona dho then u will soon find many more ragsan. If miss something in my story to attract you do tell me i will change it.

This is the sequence where ragini says for lakshya That sankaar kept fast for swara and he loves a lot. And she says swara is very lucky to have such husband. Just then laksh goes out of the room Scene 1: In dinning Hall All r waiting for raglak and Sans:I am feeling very hungry swara and swara says oh Mr sanskaar maheshwari u r feeling hungry now then y did u kept fast for me. I said to keep Sana: oh swara now don’t tount me yaar u na really mad that instead of talking with me smoothly u r irritating me Ap:if u both taunt each other then I am sure u both will not eat dinner and u will not make us to eat dinner Sujatha:has gijji u r right arey u both make me to eat and then fight if u want I will also help u in fighting but let us eat first. Otherwise I will surely faint All of them laugh and then when they r laughing raglak enters.laksh feels a little jealous on swasan and thinks I should any ways teach sanskaar a lesson to snatch away my love swara. Then all starts eating and suddenly swara coughs in between where laksh and sanskaar in both the directions gives water for her but swara chooses…….sanskaar water and he helps her to drink and says r u okay swara and pats her back and they have an eyelock. Everyone feels happy and laksh gets angry and ragini gets jealous and to avoid that moment sharmishta caughs and said let’s go to baadi to shekhar ,dadi, Dada and swasan hug sharmishta ,dadi,Dada and ragini hugs them all individual and laksh says good night to them and those all leave to baadi After swara and other family members go to sleep and sanlak fight for swara onehand sanskaar says to lakshya that he love swara and cannot see her cry because of u laksh and on the other hand laksh says swara is mine just mine if u have dare then prove it that swara loves whom challenge then sans says no I can’t because of us both we can’t force swara and goes from there but in sanskaars mind he was thinking to meet swara and thank her After fresh up swasan talk to each other happily… And laksh stares swasan outside of sankaar room angrily… Sankaar mind was full of swaras thoughts and he said to swara bye and goodnight swara too says and laksh too goes and rags also sees swasan and lakshya staring at them and feels hurt,jealously.. PRECAP:Swara thinks about sankaar and their confession and thinks that I am in love with him……

Precap:Swasan and Sanlak romantic scenes(unknowingly it became romantoc scene)
In the library Its morning and Sanskaar and Swara are sleeping in the library.Sanksaar wakes up and is shocked to see they are in a library.He then remembers last night scene.He turns and find Swara sleeping on his shoulder.He smiles looking at her.Sun rays fall on her face and he put his hand next to her face so as the sun ray do not fall on her face.He admires her beauty while she is sleeping.
At petrol pump office Laksh is seen sleeping while Ragini is on his shoulder.Ragini wakes up and find Laksh next to her.She is shocked and remember yesterday night’s incident.She looks at Laksh and think,’ Main Laksh se pyaar nahi karti phir kyun usse aise hi dekne ka mann karta hain?Kyun mujhe acha lagta hain jab usne mujhe hug ki kal raat? Kyun………(I dont love Laksh then why i just want to admire him always like this? Why i liked when he hugged me last night? Why?).He wakes up and looks at Ragini surprised! Laksh: Tum yaha kya kar rahi ho?Main yahan kya kar raha houn wo bhi tumhaare saath? Ragini: Ohh mister! Maine nahi kaha tha ke mere saath raat ghuzaron aur mujhe koi shark nahi hain yahan rehne ka wo bhi TUMHAARE saath!(ohh mister!i didnt told u to come and spend the night with me and i have no interest to stay here that too with u!!) Laksh is surprised to see her talking boldly Ragini pushes the door and it open and she goes(so much courage!!!).Laksh is left shocked!
Swara opens her eyes and is overwhelmed to see Sanksaar putting his hand to avoid her from getting sunlight.She looks at him with a little love(awww).By then The library opens and they go home without talking to each other.
Once arrived at Kajal’s house, Swara goes and meet Kajal.Seeing Swara tensed, Kajal asks her… Kajal: Kya hua Swara…kuch baat hain kya?(What hap Swara? Is there anything that’s bothering u? Swara tells her everything and also about her mixed feelings about Sanskaar…… Kajal: Tumhe Sanskaar se pyaar tho nahi ho gaya hain?( Have u fallen in love with Sanksaar? Swara is surprised and looks at Kajal confused. Just then Ragini comes and join them.She asks…. Ragini: Kya hua swara? Kya baatein ho rahi hain?( what r u talking about) Kajal narrates everything to Ragini and she feels a little bad and jeaulous Ragini: Swara….tho….kya tum s……sanksaar se…..pyaar….karti ho?( So….have u fallen in love with Sanksaar?). Swara: I dont know Ragini..Maybe yes or maybe no….i dont know…i am really confused….after yesterday’s event i am more confused…. Ragini is speechlessa and asks Ragini: Kal raat kya hua Swara?(What happened last night). Swara re-narrates everything Ragini feels a bit relieved.She excuses herself and goes to her room.
Sanksaar is sitting in the hall and asks Mujhe ho kya gaya hain? Kyun main Swara se itni attracted ho raha houn?Wo itni khoobsurat hain aur hamesha use dekhne ka mann karta hain(wat hap to me? Why i am getting attracted to Swara? She is so beautiful and i just want to watch her always.) A voice comes from behind and says U r in love with Swara….its laksh Sanksaar: kya lucky? Kuch bhi bol raha hain (wat lucky:u r talking anything) Laksh: Then tell me why r u thinking so much about her? Sanskaar looks at him and asks are you sure? Laksh nods. Laksh: If not then close your eyes and imagine Swara….If u see her then u r in love… Sanksaar closes his eyes and imagine Swara smiling, Her talks, Her childishness etc…..Sanksaar smiles and open his eyes and hugs Laksh..Thank u lucky! Ur the best bro in the world.They have a laugh.
Precap:Maha episode of Meri ashiqui tumse hi and Swaragini.Ishaani explaining Swara and making her realize her love for Sanskaar.Ranveer talking to Sanksaar and asking him to give Swara time to realize her love for him.

Scene 1 After dancing Swaragini’ s Dadi and Dida came their fighting. Shekar and Sumi calms them. Dadi tells my Shona is so beautiful and scolds Sanskar to keep her happy. Sanskar nods and Swara smiles. Next day Sumi comes to wake up Swaragini but they act to sleep. Sumi says Sanskar swara is sleeping u go. Suddenly Swara wakes up and ask where. Sumi teases her and Dadi comes there. Dadi says get up Shona you have to get ready for mehandi. But Dida comes there and says Shona Rags come lets practise for Sangeet. Ragini gets up in half sleep and says Dida I will come u both go from here and again she sleeps. All laugh seeing her. Scene 2 In Sanslak house Sanslak got ready for mehandi. A girl comes and hugs Sanskar. He says uttara and hugs her. Uttara says this is not fair bhai u didn’t tell me about ur marriage and stays annoyed. Laksh says mere ladoo now u came na go and get ready ur Hyannis will cone here anytime. She leaves. Annapurna comes there and sees them. She asks where r u going. Sanskar says for mehandi. Annapurna says men are not allowed. Sanslak looked shocked. They ask Why? . She says its inauspicious to meet bride but don’t worry evening u will meet her na and she leaves. Sanskar ask lucky how will I meet her. Laksh gets an idea and smiles. In Swaragini house Dadi and Dida got ready Swara in red lehenga with Rose and Jasmine accessories and got her down. Sumi keeps a black dot on her ears and smiles. Mehandi girls came there and asked who is the bride. They covered their face. Ragini get them to Swara. One of the girl pinches Swara. She looks at the girl. It is Sanskar and he winks at her. Swara says what are doing here u will be caught sanky. No Swara see there and shows her Laksh and Dida. Swara smiles. They talk by heart. Just then Annapurna enters with original mehandi girls. Dadi ask they r the original then who is that shows Sanskar. Dida, Laksh, Sanskar and Swara are shocked. Sanslak runs. Ragini catches Laksh and shows his face. Before she could shout Laksh kisses her and leaves. Ragini stands still. Sumi and Dadi caught Sanslak. They show their face and turns. Annapurna hold their ears and says I told not to come then y did u came here. Sanskar says to see u mom. Annapurna says Ok then come in the eve now leave and thrown them out. Sanslak look at eachother. Scene 3 In the evening Sanslak got ready for Sangeet and came down. Otherside Ragini gets Swara ready and got her down. Ragini sees Laksh but avoids him. Laksh is confused. Dida says there will be competition btw bride and bridegroom family. Dida says i will be on Sanskar side and go to Sanskar. Dp says ok and lets start. Dadi and Dida dance on dil meri chenubi song. Sumi and Annapurna dances on dolere dolere song. Uttara dances on gulabo song. Ragini dances on Didi tera devan diwana song and imitates Laksh. Laksh looks on shocked. Ragini finishes her dance. All laugh and she leaves. Sanskar says don’t know what is going to happen. Laksh stops Ragini but see ignored him. He holds her hand twists her towards him. Ragini looks shocked and doesn’t look at him. Laksh forcefully makes her look at him. Laksh: Wat do u think of yourself. And twist her hand. Ragini:Leave my hand. Laksh: u made fun me. Ragini:Revenge for Wat u did. Laksh: Wat I did Ragini: U ……… u kissed me. Laksh remembers and leaves her. Ragini leaves but Laksh says don’t think. Ragini says No Laksh I know u did for escaping. He comes closer and says I did it for real and leaves. Whole family dance on Shaandar song freezes on Swasan happy face.
Precap: Swaragini’ s college friends came for Sangeet. Ragini sees someone and gets frightened and runs. Laksh holds and ask her and she hits him.
Precap– swasan romancing n ragini thanking god. ITS MORNING SCENE 1 RAGALAK ROOM lakshya is bathing. Ragini says tq god for keeping swara away frm my lakshya fr some days. Bt god u shud send me n lakshya 2 london. Bt its still ok coz I hav 2 compromise in some or other thing except lakshya. Lakshya comes out. RAGINI- lakshya u said dat u will accept me.. when will u ? Its more than 1/4 th year. LAKSHYA- ra.. RAGINI- no lakshya. Not 2day let me say. I hav given u lots of time. Asking time is just a reason for staying away frm me. Lakshya what do u think . I don’t understand anything? I understand everything lakshya I understand everything. Bt now its correct time 2 talk lakshya. Why dont u understand?
SCENE 2 SWASAN ROOM SWARA IS PACKING BAGS. SANSKAR IS ROMANCING WID HER. SWARA- sanskar till now 100 times u hav said I love u 2 me. SANSKAR- swara I hav no right 2 do this also? SWARA- definitely sanskar u hav but SANSKAR- I hav na then. I love u swara. SWARA- yes yes sanskar I luv u 2.
SANSKAR- so swara r u ready fr our honeymoon? SWARA- honeymoon? SANSKAR- yes honeymoon. Badepapa are sending us 2 our honeymoon only. SWARA- sanskar he is sending u fr business work n me to take care of u coz he know u cant do anything without me. Therefore its not honeymoon. SANSKAR- its not honeymoon so we will make it.

Its ragini’s bday.she is happy but to her surprise no one wishes her.not even swara.she gets angry and asks swara if she remembers wts date today.she tells her.then she asks if there is any occasion?swara replie no.ragini asks her to think.she replies oh yes ragini!bday.ragini gets happy but swara disappoints her by saying that its her friends bday.ragini gets angry and leaves.swara smiles.ragini says even laksh didn’t wish her.not even ma baba dada dadi or dida.no one remembers it.she doses off again.by evening the lights turn off.she wonders wt happened.she sees many candles glowing.she asks who is there?lights come and swasan wish her.she is overwhelmed and says I thought u forgot.swara says how could u think abt it?she is happy and hugs her.sanskar arranges laptop and gododia family is online.she is happy to find maheshwari family with them too.all wish her.she gets emotional.sumi says u thought we forgot.ragini says I m sorry ma.i was stupid to think that my ma can forget my bday.the woman who loved me more than a daughter cant let her daughter miss this special day.she says though I m not your daughter still I gave me alot if love.I m very lucky.sumi says dnt talk like this again.u r my daughter.they all smile.raginj cuts cake and opens gift.they bid goodbye to laptop people.ragini thinks about laksh.swara says its late we should leave.u rest.after they are gone ragini gets laksh’s message to open the window.she is surprised and opens it and sees a gift hanging,she takes it and finds a beautiful white and pink saree in it with a note that come to this place right now.she smiles and complies. She reaches the place and finds it beautiful decorated with balloons with a cake in the middle of table.she calls laksh.laksh comes from behind and sings bday song.she smiles and says ur voice is really bad.he sits on his knees and apologizes to her for all his bad deeds and says that I cant live without you.i always think about you.seeing you in pain I was pained badly.if u are not around me I feel incomplete.ragini I…I LOVE YOU…ragini is moved and says I LOVE YOU TOO…but wt u did to swara…he instanwstands anwhugs her.he says I m already guilty.plz forgive me.he says I wanna start afresh.plz give me chance.he says let bygones be bygones.she smiles and tears roll down her cheeks.he wipes them. He twirls her and both close their eyes.then that start dancing on MERE RANG MEIN RAGNE WALI PARI HO YA HO PARITON KI RANI YA HO MERI PREM KAHANI…during dance wind blows and laksh kisses ragini’s neck causing her to get more excited and dancing beautifully.the dance ends with their tight embrace. Other side sanskar keeps irritating swara about the divorce and she says stop it.i won’t divorce you.he asks why.she says I cant hurt my family.sanskar says but I can’t hurt you.she asks wt do u mean.he says I LOVE YOU swara.swara is overjoyed.but u don’t.she gets sad.he says we cant compromise.she is quiet.he says don’t worry I wont let u down in anybody’s eyes.i will say that I dnt want to live with you.she gets sad.she tries to Talk but slips and they fall on bed.they have an eye lock while the song TU JO HAI TAU MAIN HUN plays in bg.swara requests God to stop the time.sanskar requests God to give strength to swara to confess her love. Just then there is a knock at the door.its raglak.they come in and ragini tells about laksh apologies.laksh apologizes to swara and says sorry for everything.i want to forget past and make a new start.he extends hand for friendship.swara looks at ragsan and complies.all smile…
Next epi:ragini hears laksh talking romantically on phone with sm1.she gets angry and takes mobile.she checks and its annapurna.she is embarrassed.laksh says jealous and pulls her toward him.they have eye lock.heavy rain.swasan in car.sanskar again irritating swara,swara gets out of car and angrily confesses her love.swasan romance in cottage.

This is the second chapter!! Here we go!. Swara and sanskar sit in a scooty and leave . laksh asks Ragini to accompany him in his bike. Ragini shyly sits in his bike. Laksh asks Ragini to hold him. She shyly holds him and jot u mera hamdard tune is played in the bg. They stop near a park.There is an awkard silence between them breaking it laksh asks ragini would she like to eat pani puri to which ragini agrees. They eat. While eating pani puri ragini coughs due to the spice and laksh pat her shoulder and make her drink water. They realize that they are so close to each other that they can feel each other’s breath. They have an eye lock and jot u mera hamdard song is played in the bg. Ragini turns backward and shyly smiles. Seeing this laksh too smiles. Meanwhile swara is driving the scooty at a very high speed. Sanskar is frightened and asks her to slow the speed. To which she replies noooo. She asks him to not fear. She says don’t worry nothing will happen and she laughs. Sanskar holds swara due to fear. Suddenly a speeding car comes from the opposite direction and swara is unable to handle the scooty and hits the car. The car owner comes from inside and starts scolding swara. When swara tries to make him understand that it was his mistake he put his hand her shoulder and tries to misbehave with swara. Unable to bear this sanskar beats the man . soon the police man comes and take the man with them. Seeing sanskar injured swara parks her scooty on a side and takes out the first aid box and applies a band aid on his hand they share an eye lock and main rang sharbaton ka is played in the bg. Sanskar gets a call from laksh and lasksh asks him to come to a park where he and ragini are waiting for them. He says yes. He asks swara for the scooty keys. Swara asks why? He says that he will drive . or else swara would again hit someone. They laugh. Swara sits beside sanskar and holds him and smiles. Sanskar sees this from the mirror and he too smiles. They reach a park and they four sits on a bench and talk among themselves. Suddenly swara and sanskar at a same time says that they wan to say something. Sanskar asks swara to say first. Swara says that she is swara and not Ragini.Laksh and Sanskar both scream what?? Why you did so. She asks them to cool down and says that she wanted to test her sister’s would be husband. Ragini asks sanskar what he wanted to say. He says that he is also not laksh! Ragini screams W-H-A-T?? they acted because laksh wanted to test his would be bhabi! They all four brust laughing! Then they deceide to go home as it was too late! At home : everyone is waiting for the four. Uttara says that they are coming. Everyone is anxious to know what are theirs deceision. Arnapurna asks lash and sanskar theirs deceison. Sanskar says he likes swara and laksh says he too like swara. Meanwhile sumi says ragu and shone say what do you want!! Ragini says that he likes swara and swara says that she like sanskar. Sumi hugs her daughters. She comes outside and says this to shekhar. Shekhar says to durgaprasad that they are ready for this proposal. Durgaprasad too says that they are also okay with this relation. And they both hug each other. Sumi gives everyone sweets.
Precap:Sanskar was sitting in his balcony he saw a girl walking towars him. He could not see her face.he kept on staring at her to find who she was. When she came closer he noticed that she was swara. He kissed her hand and said I LOVE YOU SWARA. And when he turned she was not there. Laksh too was thinking about Ragini..

This is after the karwachauth drama. Scene -1 laksh was totally shocked by the attitude change of sanskaar.he left the hope of uniting with swara.he go to his room and take out one of swara’s best pic from his collection.he talk to the image this time rags enter the room and seen everything. First time she really regret for her doing.she said sorry to laksh. But he did not show any interest to her talking. Swasan’s Room: sanskaar feel dizzyagain. Swara and parieenta help him to lie. Everyone scold sanskaar.but swara stand with sanskaar and protect him .meantime sanky show sign that he need water and swara go for getting water.she help him to drink the water .aftr everyone leave she scold him. In Hall Ap(annapurna) informed everyone execpt swara that swara start to love sanskaar becoz a women show concern only for his beloved. Her ation show it’s the begin .laksh get shocked and leave the place .he ran to the the room and closed the door. Ragini who smell something fishy ,informed everone to upside.swara in swasan room heard some one shouting laksh name.she ran to his room .everyone feel panick.ragini told swara to call laksh.sanskaar feel insecure .mean time accidently daadi sumi and shekar came there they also get shocked and insist her to call him.nick time sanskaar broke the door and enter there .swara saw him in unconcious state. She ran to him and rags stop other.tell them to watch swara.swarahug laksh and insist him 2 open his eyes .she lie on his chest and cry hardly .meantime laksh open his eyes and saw swara .he have a fainting smile and told to her that before closing his eyes forever he can see her cute face ,shona.she hug him and call him u loser lucky this time u win . I came near u and she do his aid .everyone got revealed.she began to scold him.that time laksh told did u love sanky. Swara got shocked and think abt her marriage with sanky & confession etc.she leave the place swiftly.
Precap:Swara inform everyone that she love………
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SCENE1at the company Swara is checking the papers and sanskaar is stealing glances at her. SCENE 2 Both laksh and ragini have come to the same mall for shopping with their respective friends..Laksh challenges his friends that he is so charming that he can kiss any girl .his friend point towards a beautiful girl wearing a red midi dress (she is ragini).laksh is hypnotised seeing her beauty and goes towards her ‘hey,beautiful lady!!!’. Ragini is about to react when laksh holds her by her waist and tries to kiss her. Ragini pushes him and slaps him hard ‘how dare u slap me.Dont u know who i am’ ‘i don’t want to know and by the way how dare u touch me .And the next time u try to misbehav with a girl just remember my slap’with this she angrily went out from the mall ‘you will have to regret for this’laksh murmured Scene 3 Swara had checked the paper.swara goes to sanskaar cabin to keep the paper suddenlylight goes off.swara is very scared .suddenly a hanh touches her shoulder.she screams in fear “swara,its me….sanskaar.Dont get scared I am with u’ Swara hugs him tightly and clase her yes.sanskaar smiles.light comes “swara light has came.”.swara opens her eyes and repositions herself ‘sorry sir,i am afraid of ldark’ ‘its ok swara’.with that swara leaves his cabin PRECAP Lakshya &swara meet…..swasan mments

In the previous episode we saw swara and laksh fighting and laksh getting call from his bhai.his bro ask him to meet him immediately .laksh asks him about the matter but he just says its very urgent.when laksh comes and meets his bro he is tall handsome and his name is sanskar laksh:bro y u hv called me? is everything fine sanskar:how could you do this laksh.i am going to kill u laksh : what?????….. sanskar : yes,you dont have any brains , i had asked u wait for me na today is ur birthday i want give u something laksh and sanskar hugs eachother swara and ragini plans to go for an outing.sanskar and laksh comes to a cafe where swara and ragini also comes they crosses eachother .sanskar asks laksh about his future plans..then laksh jokes saying sanskar will be the first to marry,i’m the second they both laugh.after a brief chat laksh asks sanskar about his futre wife ..how she should be ..sanskar gives a brief explanation about it swara who is sitting behind him listens and she loves it but she didn’t see his face.meanwhile while coming from washroom ragini notices laksh .at the time sanksar asks laksh about how his future wife should be ragini listens to his explanation with her eyes closed..she smiles to herself then aftersometimes they bot secides to go,ragini goes first and sees lakssays hi to him while coming swara slips and falls into sanskar’s hands they have an eyelock (teri meri playsin the background) suddenly she come to her consiousness they both move on their way saying sorry while driving sanskar thinks about swara ,laksh asks him what happened he says nothing and they drive home in sumi s residence sumi thinks about her happy moments with shekar .a fb is shown where sumi and shekar disscussing about how they wanted to celebrate the 1 st birthday of their kids…shekar also thinks about sumi and the screen freezes on their face
precap: once again swara and sanskar collide with eachother.on the other side ragini feels jealous seeing laksh with other girls

Shaker tells dp that how could I accept my friend money.but dp tells u can’t accept my money then I will give it to u as a repayable money after u are back to your normal position you may return my money back and after thinking shear hesitantly tells k .dp keeps hand on shekar shoulder and hugs him everything will be k.and shekar gives another shocking news to his family that we have to leave our mansion due to the loss we had .everyone gets shocked and swaragini runs to their room crying.
Sumi gets shocked and ask shekar what do you mean that we have to leave our house .did you forget shekar that we have two daughters and what about them shekar keeps quite and doesn’t have a answer to her.dp ask sumo to calm down and tells that u all have to stay in my house till all problem gets over shekar doesn’t accept it but dp ask him to keep quite if he think of has his friend.
Swalak goes to swaragini and sees them and they get worried and they goes and pacified them swaragini crise to sanlak that how can this happen to them and they swasan and raglak hug each other.dp ask shekar to accept it and ask him to accept it at last shekar say a yes.
Precap: Swaragini family enters sanlak house.