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‘Swaragini’ 31 October 2015: Written Episode Update Colors Tv

‘Swaragini’ 31 October 2015: Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Swaragini sit for dinner.sumi gives them juice and swara remembers her fight with laksh.she gets irritated.shekhar asks wts the matter.ragini tells everything.shekhar gets angry and says why is he after you?swara asks him to relax as its all sorted.just then ragini gets sanskar’s call who tells her that tomorrow is welcome party so college will be off.party is in evening.ragini tells swara and they both get excited.shekhar gives the money for shopping.they jump and hug him. Laksh thinks that tomorrow will be really bad for swara.they dose off.swaragini get up early and all are surprised. Swara:why r u luking at us like this? Sumi:u guys don’t wake till I wake u up then how did this miracle occur today? Ragini:its party miracle ma.we have to go for shopping.u know clothes,jewellery shoes etc and swara takes a lot of time. Swara hits ragini.dadi smiles and says strange girls who wake late when they have to go to college and wake up early when its off. Sanlak also get ready to go for shopping and swaragini as well.all reach same shop.laksh and swara select a dress for ragini and aks her to try while swasan are surfing through clothes.laksh mistakenly enters the room where ragini is.he didn’t see her and take off his shirt.ragini turns and screams he sees her and is shocked.he lins her against The wall and keeps his hand on her mouth.they have an eyelock and naina nu pata hai plays in bg.laksh apologizes and clarifies himself.he wears shirt goes out and ragini shuts the door.laksh sees the door and smiles.meanwhile swara spots sanskar and greets him. Swara:wt r u doing here? Sanskar:dancing? Swara:dancing and u?? Sanskar:very funny swara I m in mall so obviously to buy clothes but I m not able to chose. Swara:let me help. She choses a suit for sanskar.the dresses in swara’s hand fall.they both get down to pick it and their heads strike.they smile.then while picking clothes hmtheir hands meet and they have an eylock.raglak come.laksh winks at swara to irritate her.all bid bye and leave.sanlak reach venue.sankar wearing blue suit while laksh wearing maroon.they mingle into friends.swaragini arrive.swara wearing pick sleeveless gown with silver belt,hair open and light pick lipstick looking gorgeous and ragini wearing black gown extending from her neck,her shoulders are also naked.she has made a puff of her hair and curled them looking dashing.sanskar is mesmerized to see swara and laksh cant take his eyes off ragini.he thinks I nver thought that ragini can be so hot.they greet one another and start talking.dance starts.laksh asks swara to dance who is nervous but complie.sanskar dances with ragini.laksh pulls swara towards her and touches her cheeks.she is highly uncomfortable.laksh senses her tension and thinks that its a start.u have to pay for misbehaving with me.ragini goes to drink water and sanskar is upset to see swalak together. laksh twirls swara who lands in sanskar’s arms.she is a bit relieved and feels relaxed.laksh is surprised. spotlight is now on swasan.they start dancing romantically on khamoshiyan.when one para of the song finishes then swara is shown standing in front of sankar with her back towards him.the sound of wind blowing plays in bg.sanskar’s cheeks touch swara’s hair and she shuts her eyes.sanskar then puts his hands on swara’s naked shoulders and starts movind down.swara is breathing in nervousness.he gets hold of swara’s hands and picks her up and spins…the line “khamoshiyan” again plays…the dance ends up with sanskar holding swara in a leaning manner…they are lost in each other….
Next epi:laksh doesn’t understand when ragini tells him that she and swara are of same age as they are not twins.ragini then tells that sumi is not her biological mom.he is surprised.meanwhile in the garden some goons tease swara.she tries to shoo them but they slap her.she is scared and sanskar comes to rescue.he fights and beats them.swara hugs him tight and he too responds back.she feels solace in his arms…

At Gadodia Mansion
A beautiful girl is doing make up.She is Swara.She is wearing a pink long sleeved top and silver skirt.Another girl enters getting ready.She is Ragini.She is wearing a beautiful red coloured salwar kameez. Swara asked Her,” chale ragini??” Ragini replied”han ,chalo!”They both get ready and go downstairs.Sumi(their mother) compliments them and they leave for college.They go in a car.They are a very rich Family.
At Maheshwari Mansion
Two boys are getting ready.They are extremely handsome.They are sanskaar and laksh.They come downstairs and took their breakfast.Sanskaar asked Durga Prassad(father of laksh) ” bade papa kya hum aaj college ke baad cinema jaa sakte hain”.The latter looked at him and smile”of course bete! Yeh bhi koi poochne ki baat hain” They boys smiled at each other and went to college.they too were rich
On the way, there was traffic jam! Their cars were next to each other.Sanskaar and Swara both were at the window looking outside.Sanskaar was mesmerized seeing Swara’s beauty! He kept looking at her until her car was gone.
PRECAP:While fighting with laksh, Swara slips and sanskaar hold her.They have an eyelock!!!
Plzz suggest the pairs and also there is a twist in the pairs!!!