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Swaragini 18 October 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

scene 1

lakshya and sanskar waiting impatiently for swara.. just then swaragini arrived both wearing the same dress..orange lehnga with yellow net dupatta pinned beautifully..their hairs were left open with curls..they have won the kundan earings..both swaragini were looking very preety. sanskar waved hii to swara..swara smiles..ragini see laksh and maheshwari family there and feels ashamed and embarassed and was about to leave..just then swara holds her hand.shekhar and shamistha sat on stage and took blessing from dadi dadaji and dida. just then the lights went off. and then focus light is seen on swaragini..swara with her guitar on her hands and ragini with veena..swara sang the song,,ye din laaya h bahar,,apno ka pyaar kya khna..ragini sang the same song in classical tune. all clapped for their performance. shekhar along with dadi praised swara…sumi said” my both daughter are kohinor in singing”the function proceeded further with dance performances of local artists..swara and ragini was nowhere to be seen..lakshya went inside to search for swara and entered in swara’s room at dida”s house. he saw swara there and hold her hand and said” swara please come back to me.. i am nothing without you.” swara says “lakshya please go from here anyone will see” lakshya says ” why are you afraid,,i had come before too,,its not the first time swara” swara says “things were different then..you were not my sister’s husband that time lakshya” lakshya says “that marriage was a forced marriage and was done by deciving me..i don”t consider it a marriage” swara says ” marriage is not a joke lakshya” lakshya holds swara’s face with his both hands came close to her and said even love is not a joke swara” they shared an eyelock. just then sanskar arrived at the door searching swara and sees both swalak together. tears rolled down from his eyes and he left. swara set lakshya apart..situation becomes awkward just then ragini came in saying swara dress are re..she stops seeing lakshya there.and aplogises for coming in saying she should have knocked before coming,,swara said “no ragini please come”..lakshya leaves giving ragini a hard look.
scene 2

function was going on..just then swara and ragini performace was announced..they both were wearing white and redd saree,,in bengali attire,, song was played dola re dola.. both swaragini perfomred beautifully.. both laksh ans sanskar imagines them to be dancing with swara in a romantic tune. everyone one clapped for the performance.. then the grah pravesh rasm started.. dadi put the red alta tray and the bowl filled with rice..dadi asks shamishtaa to make the bowl fall with a hit of her right leg’s thumb and then putting the legs an alta come along with swara. sumi says” i will come with my two daughters swaragini.” dadi says its our fate that we have to keep ragini even if we wish not to be..ragini cries..swara wipes her tears,,sumi grah pravesh was done. dadi kissed sumi on her forhead and handed her the keys of the locker.. she refused to take but in dadi ma and shekhar insistence took the keys. guests leave. shekhar and sumi went to their room and swaragini to theirs. shekhar and sumi have a serious talk about ragini with sumi asking to forgive ragini and shekhar said it will take some time.
scene 3

swaragini lying on bed..ragini again apologizes to swara..swara asked her not to do that..ragini got up from the bed..opened the almirah and took out the divorce papers and signed them. swara looked shockingly and says why you did that, ragini said because today i understand that love can not be snatched..it can only be earned..and i can never earn laksh’s love as he loves u deepply and now he hates me with full spirit,,saying this ragini brkoe down in tears.. swara consoled her,,make her lie down on bed and lost in thoughts that what had happened till now. she fall asleep weeping.
scene 4

sanskar in his room remembring what happened untill now and today lakshya and swara together..he wept hard and said god why my love i never fulfilled,,first u snacthed kavitha and then u made me fall for swara who is already of some one else..he says but swara will get her love..he called the lawyer and asked for divorce papers till morning. then he wept hard again and fall asleep on the ground where he was sitting..sanskar in his room make place in his cupboard and says” i know you will come to me swara..i have made place for you in my cupboard..come soon my shona” then he made the pillow sleep besides him and slept hugging it assuming it to be swara.
scene 5

swaragini along with their family having breakfast. just then sanskar comes..dadi makes him sit and asks to have breakfast,,sanskar refuses and said i have come here to free swara with this forced marriage and hands her the divorce papers..swara sees sanskar shockingly and then the divorce papers. she remembers sanskar saving her from the dayan..then at the hospital,,then helping her and sanskar’s love confession and their marriage. tears come out of swara’s eyes unknowingly..sumi asks shona what happened..swara says nothing maa..and brought the pen..she was about to sign the papers when sumi said swara are you sure with your decision.she said yes maa and signed the papers and handed it over to sanskar.. tears rolled down from sanskar’s face and he left hurriedly. swara went to her room followed by sumi. sumi asks “shona is everything fine, do u love sans..swara said in middle “no maa..everything happened so fast and remembring all these i got tears. sumi hugged the crying swara.
precap : sanskar is talking to someone over phone.. ” our first plan got suceeded now its turn for next move “