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Swaragini 12 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 12 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Sujata tells Annapurna that something is wrong and says Swara decided to leave in the morning, but then stayed back for Ragini. Annapurna says she came here for Ragini. Sujata shares her doubt and says we shall follow them to farmhouse. She asks her not to tell anything to Durga Prasad about their conversation. She asks her to get ready in the morning. Early morning, Swara does the aarti and prays to God. She says don’t know if I am doing right or wrong, and says she has given chance to Laksh. She says she will just hear Laksh’s talk and her decision will be same. She says she can’t return to his life, and this thing is not for forgiveness. She says circumstances are not same as before. She gives prasad to Sanskar. Sanskar says you are impressing God as well. He says I told Laksh that you are ready to go. Swara says you are also coming with us.
Sanskar says I am not coming. Swara says you have promised that you will be with me always. Sanskar says he is merging his company with Durga Prasad’s company and that’s why going to meet lawyer to do the paper work. Swara says they will go tomorrow. Sanskar asks her to go. Swara says I would have feel good if you come with me. Sanskar tells her all the best. He makes a sad face.
Ragini asks Swara to sit on the front seat with Laksh. Swara sits on the front seat. Ragini sits on the back side. Sujata looks at them and asks Annapurna to come. She asks driver to take them to farmhouse. Swara, Ragini and Laksh reach farmhouse. Ragini recalls hearing Sujata and Annapurna’s conversation and a flashback is shown. Laksh opens the car’s door and Swara steps down the car. Sujata and Annapurna look at them from far. Annapurna says I am feeling like entering like a thief in our farmhouse. Ragini hears them and start walking. Swara’s leg bends and she is about to fall, but Laksh holds her. Annapurna and Sujata are shocked. Swara moves his hand from her hand.
Sujata asks Annapurna to come. Ragini enters the farmhouse and recalls Laksh hatred words. She says I have lost everything here and will get my life here itself. She asks Swara and Laksh to sit and talk, and says sh will wait outside. Sujata thinks why Ragini is saying this? Swara asks Ragini not to go. Ragini says you both have suffered because of me, when you both are uniting, I don’t want to come inbetween you both. She asks them to go to room and talk. Laksh says we will talk here.
Ragini says I really want you both to unite. Annapurna and Sujata are shocked. Ragini says I will wait outside. She goes to balcony and asks God why he is punishing her. She says she has to handover her husband to Swara. She says her husband and sister have forced her, and says she couldn’t stop when they were romancing behind her back. Sujata and Annapurna are shocked. Sujata says I will talk to them now. Annapurna stops her. Ragini hears them. Sujata says Swara is my son’s wife even now and is betraying him. I will talk to her right now. Ragini asks who is there? Sanskar is lost in Swara’s thoughts. Ram asks him to sign on the papers. Lawyer says Karma and Maheshwari company will unite and rule on other companies. Durga Prasad smiles. Sanskar signs on the papers. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar to give his pen and says he wants to sign with his pen. He feels proud of Sanskar ‘s success. Lawyer says he needs Laksh’s sign also. Sanskar says I will take papers to Laksh. Ragini says she heard some noise. Sujata says we shall go and talk. Annapurna asks her to keep quiet. They leave. Ragini says you both will see what I show you.
Precap: Ragini thinks she can’t let Sanskar get inside. She thinks if Sanskar come to know that Laksh has left Swara then their love story will start. She stops Sanskar. Sanskar sees Laksh and Swara laughing together and gets jealous.
Scene 1 After marriage Sanskar carries Swara to her room and made her sit on the bed. Swara sees his wound and applies ointment. He screams. She says sorry. Sanskar sees her hand bleeding. Sanskar ask what is this shona . Fb shows when Amit says Sanskar is dead She broke her bangles nd scratches her hand. He says r u mad?and bandages her. Swara says I told u na if I lose u I will give up my life. Both cries and he is about to kiss her but someone knocks the door. The trio pair came there. When Sanskar opened the door they turned on the other side. Sanky ask wat happened. Ragini says we came to take Swara. He ask y u all turnig that side.Abhi says we r watching match. Pragya says stop it. She and thapki takes Swara. Laksh ask Abhi where u got Sanky. Abhi gies to Fb where Abhi ran on the road where he saw Sanskar coming bleeding. He ask where were u . Sanskar says that Amit kidnapped me. But I escaped Fb ends.
Precap: Ring finding ceremony. Raglak going for a long drive. Swara gets shocked hearing something.

Swaragini 12th November 2015 Written Update. Swaragini 12th November 2015 Written Synopsis
Scene 1. Next day. Swara goes to college and start playing her guitar. Everyone gathers there and cheer for her. Lucky comes there and he also start playing his guitar. Everyone leave swara and go to him. He smirks.swara again starts playing a rocking music. They both stop seeing Sanskar there. They go to him. Swara tell to Sanskar. Swara: Sanskar yaar you plz tell your brother about me and who I am. Lucky : sanskar you are my brother so you tell this cat to be away from me.Swara: o hello. Lucky. My name is swara not cat and ya if I am cat then you are mad. Just go Agra. Lucky :listen miss rock star, you are mad. Swara: you. Lucky: you. Swara: you. Ok let’s ask Sanskar. They both turn to ask Sanskar but was not there. They both give look. And go.
Scene 2. Swara sees her friends. They were teasing a girl. She goes there and tell them to stop. She sees that girl. She was Ragini. Ragini thanks swara for saving her. Swara scolds her friends. Ragini introduce herself as Ragini gadodia. Swara tell Ragini. Swara: Ragini would you like to be a member of v sparklers. Ragini agrees. She leaves.
Scene 3. Ragini meets Sanskar. Ragini: you. That day I had told my name but can you tell your name. Sanskar introduce himself to Ragini. Ragini: nice to meet you Sanskar. Ragini slips and sanskar holds her.Manchala plays in Background. Ragini thanks sanskar. Ragini: again and again you make my to say thanks. Thanks. She smiles. Sanskar:no need to say thank you. It’s ok. But you have to go for coffee with me. Ragini smiles.
Scene 4. Principal of the college calls swara and lucky in his office. They go there. Principal : swara and lucky you are the best dancer of college so you’ll go to Delhi to represent our college for a National dance and music competition with v sparklers and yes Sanskar will also go there to give speech for performance. OK. They leave. Swara thinks I’ll have to dance with this mad boy(lucky). Lucky: OMG I’ll have to dance with this cat. They leave for Delhi .Ragini also go with them as she is also a member of v sparklers now.
Precap:Swara get jealous by seeing another girl with lucky. Swara and lucky dance with each other.swara gets kidnapped.