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Swaragini 10 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Swaragini 10 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Salman khan comes and rescues Swara and Sasural Simar ka family….from the goons. The goons identifies him as Raj Kumar Prem and runs from there. He returns bag to Mata ji. She thanks him and says you have done a big favor on us. She says her bahu soul is held captive inside the pot and thanks him. Salman says you are fighting for truth and you will win surely. Mata ji says they have to spend night there and says they will find the temple in the morning. Swara thanks Salman Khan. He says no thanks and no sorry in friendship. Swara recalls Sanskar telling her same line. Sonam asks if he is calling you. Swara gets Sanskar’s call. Salman asks her not to ignore him. Sonam says you shall give importance to the person who loves you. Salman talks about love. Sonam says your heart will beat faster whenever you are getting his message. Salman says love doesn’t happen with any planning and asks her to make her heart understand. Swara thanks them. Salman asks the viewers to meet Prem and Maithali and watch their film.
Sujata tells Durga Prasad that Swara and Sanskar don’t want to stay together and asks why they are forcing them. Durga Prasad asks Sanskar, when Swara is ready to give a chance to their relation then why do you want to break this marriage. Ram asks why you are breaking marriage and says Swara is your friend, she takes care of home and family. Sanskar says we both are different and have to do many adjustments. Ram says everyone does adjustments with their partner. Sujata asks why they are forcing her son. Sanskar says he don’t want to stay with Swara and don’t want to adjust. Swara tries to speak. Sanskar asks her not to speak in between them and says he has decided to break this marriage. Durga prasad says I haven’t expected this from you. Ragini tells Laksh that Sanskar has taken Swara in his words.
Sanskar says they have their own identity. He says Swara can start her music career and he can concentrate on his own business. Durga Prasad agrees and says he will get his divorce papers ready. Sujata smiles. Sanskar thanks him. Annapurna tells Swara that she doesn’t want why Sanskar is stubborn in his decision, and hugs her. She asks if you agree with him. Swara nods yes. Ragini says Swara has agreed against her wish. Ram apologizes to Swara. Sujata asks Swara not to take Sanskar’s words on heart and asks her to take care. Durga Prasad tells Swara that the doors will be opened for her always, and says you will always remain daughter of this house. Swara looks at Sanskar and goes. Sanskar too leaves.
Ragini tells Laksh that everything will be finished now and asks what to do now. Laksh asks her to think what to do now. He says let me think? Ragini says I can help you, and reminds him of the threat which he gave to Swara. Swara tells Sanskar, why did he stop her from telling everyone that she don’t want to stay in marriage. She asks why did you take all blame on yourself and says everyone was sympathizing with me. She says she will sleep in guest room today. Sanskar says you are going to your house today, and says he will be punished for his mistake. Swara says you didn’t do any mistake. Sanskar says I did a mistake by loving you. Swara looks on. She tells him that she has done all the changes and asks him not to drink old water. Sanskar says let your memories stay in this room. He asks her to come. Sanskar says I miss you Swara. Swara asks did you tell something. Sanskar says no, and asks her to come. A song Mat Jaara Re plays………………….
Annapurna asks Durga Prasad, did he talk to Shekhar? Durga Prasad says yes, and says he will send Ragini by making an excuse. He says he don’t want to force Swara. Swara is about to leave Maheshwari house with her stuff and takes all elders’ blessings. Sujata asks Sanskar to drop Swara home. Ragini comes and shouts that Laksh has cut his wrist. Everyone is shocked.
Precap: Ragini tells Swara that Laksh wants her to return in her life.

After Sangeet Sanskar takes Swara to farm house and they romance and consummate their marriage. In the haldi ceremony thapki and bihaan came and celebrate. Abi and pragya came on Laksh insist that time Sanskar gets kidnaped and Swara sits in the mandap waiting for Sanskar . Amit comes with his gang and plans to create a scene but Thapki sees him and tells it to Ragini. In the meantime Laksh romances with Ragini and Abhi & Pragya comes there fighting and teases them. Will Sanskar come on time? What will Abhi, Pragya, Thapki, Bihaan, Ragini and Laksh do with Amit? To know STAY TUNED. And wish u all a very HAPPY DIWALI .

Next mrng… Swaragini go to meet laksh n his bro in MM Laksh welcomes them He introduces his bro..who is wearing a T-shirt with jeans n a blue coat.. Swara gets mesmerized on seeing the handsome guy… While ragini is surprised to see sanskaar Sanskaar… She let’s out a surprising scream Sanskaar sees her n says ragini you… Ragini hugs him…n says…meeting u after a long time where were u I was wishing to meet u… Swara n laksh asks u both know each other?? Rags says yes we both were classmates in 11th n very close frnz actually best frnz…. Swara says hello to sanskaar n shakes hand with him… Swara constantly admires him n wishes that the moment should freeze… Then suddenly laksh speaks up n swara comes to her senses…. He says you both can have breakfast with us Swaragini smiling nod… They have breakfast together… Then swara says let’s go to mall for shopping…. Ragini says, shopping!!!wow Sanlak also smile n nod….
In mall# Swara n laksh are together swara buys a handbag while sanskaar n ragini are also there rags buy a kurti… Swara is about to go when she collides with sanskaar sanskaar holds her they both have an eye lock….swara’s hair falls on her eyes… Sanskaar removes the hair strand.. Swara closes her eyes to feel his touch…. . . Ragini is also there she asks laksh to help her buy a dress Laksh smiling nods…. He compliments rags….umm…u are looking beautiful 2day…I must say… Ragini blushes she avoids eye contact n thanks him….
SWASAN # Swara avoids eye contact with him n gets up Sanskaar: are you Ok…I mean u didn’t get hurt…right? Swara: no no…I’m fine( she’s happy to see his concern) Sanskaar: u no what…I have never a girl like you( he is attracted 2wards her) You are diff. From other girls Swara blushes n thanks him They have an eye lock… ( kuch to h tujse rabta….plays….)
Precap: swaragini n sanlak celebrate diwali together… Swara is lighting a diya in the balcony she’s all alone suddenly her duppata catches fire…sanskaar sees her…

Scene:1 swara leave to her room where she thinking about sanskaar. fb:SANSKAAR TOLDING THAT SHONA LEAVING HAND IS LIKE DEATH FOR ME.FB END.SHE is crying .someone knock at the door.swara open the door it was laksh who want to talk to her. He starts shona bhabhi i am wrong from the begining .i know i don’t deserve u .may be the flrity idiot will always in a bad fate. When i saw smile on ur eyes i think it’s for me but that’s not true .u ‘ re mean to b swara sanskaar.Everybody got something that they want to sing about, laugh about, cry about It’s true. For me it’s you and for u its sanky.You know that when sanky loves u. U’r happiness makes him much more happier, and u’r sadness feelshe get that pain in his eye. But now fate play with u .i hope u will wait for sanky. U don’t want to accept father’s demand .bye take care
scene:2 swara come down . Sujatha told that she need swara as his daugther in law forever. Dp told but sanky forgot her face.swara told that today she want to tell something.she make everyone to sit(both maheswari and gadodia) swara begin in last 4 month whatever happen is like a day dream .now i want laksh back in life. I give respect to martial bonding. now sanky belong to ragz she is preg.therefore i want to leave him .may be he is not mean for me .suajatha tell tht lucky did not deserve her .when laksh hear this he cry silently but suddenly change his feeling start to talk with a fake smile that chachi is ri8. I don’t deserve her. Swara told laksh to stopand tell evey one that during ragini ‘s conspirancy, suicide drama marriage and memoryloss drama we don’tthink what going on laksh mind. He trust rag even her daadi who act as her maa can’t find out her lie.then how can he. We tell him to accept ragini and i talk to him like stranger by forgetting how he love me .u guys don’t know when his marriage fix by baadi maa . He go for suicide,but i stop him. He did not compel me ,but force me to marry him.there’s atime he love .trust and support more than himself.may be Sometimes, the broken heart gives birth to anxiety and panic, sometimes to anger, resentment and blame. But under the hardness of that armor there is a tenderness of genuine sadness. But we don’ see that tenderness .eveyone agreed.swara go near him and tell that today we ‘re going to start the loserand shona ki story SWARAYA Swara call every.one for the sangeeth,ragsan enter with a big gift. Rosid and premar reach there. Ishveer and mehbeer talking .
Precap:full masti swaragini look goodand damn hot

This is the fourth chapter of the fiction
SCENE 1 GADODIA HOUSE both swara and ragini reach home and swara tells ragini about her day at the company
SCENE 2 MAHESHWARI HOUSE Sanskaar is thinking about swara and laksh is listening music,just then dp enters and tells laksh to go to ccd in order to meet his would be wife.laksh think that how to tackle this problem,he sees sanskaar and an idea struck his mind “bhai,aap kitne acchey ho” “Laksh kya kaam hai???’ “bhai pls uss ladki se milne chale jao’ “have u gone mad lucky??” ‘pls bhaiya,maan jao.i promise i will handle everything” Sanskaar agrees as he loves his brother alot.
SCENE 3 GADODIA HOUSE It was sunday so swara and ragini did’nt had to go to work.Swara wora a pink suit whereas ragini wore black hot pants and pink tank top.Swarawas going to meet his future husband whereas ragi ni thought to visit old age home AT HOTEL Sanskaar is waiting for the girl just then swara enters.he gets mesmerised seeing her .Swara also feels happy seeing him . “hi!’but sanskaar was so lost in her that he did’nt respond ‘are u there??.sanskaar came back to his senses “hi ,i am sanskaar…” “Sorry ,i am late’ “it ok…….i can wait forever for u’.swara blushes
Precap;ralak fun,swasan go on sightseeing

Recap – recently sanskar and laksh both have given 1st year examination in which sanskar topped and laksh flunked. After 3 months laksh is still in college and sanskar is handelling the business , he wants to do MBA from iim but dp is in no mood to allow him to waste his 1 year in preparation and ask him to take adm in haward .(no objection with university but he wants to do something on his own) both sanlak leave for college in car as sanskar has to collect some documents from college. On their way a bike overtake them when sanskar come out to talk to him . she put off her heet it is swara .
Today’s episode Biker put off her helmet it’s swara . Sanskar looking at swara with broad eyes and open mouth. Sanskar : I haven’t seen her before in college . is she fresher Laksh: no bhai 3rd year me hai Banglore se transfer hokar aayi hai There is a group of students which are rich spoil brats Sanskar:do these idiots still tease juniors Laksh :yes bhai they even tease girls of our class At that moment Ragini comes out of auto in traditional clothes as she used to wear earlier Those boys tease her (oye hoe kaha jaa rahi ho meri jaan kabhi hamari taraf bhi to dekh liya karo meri chocolate ice cream another say nahi yaar ye to sar se pairo tak tuti fruity hai) Sanskar take a step to stop them At that time swara comes and spray her pepper in their eyes Swara : Don’t you dare touch her. If you even raise your eyes at her I’ll snatch them and sell them at the price of marbels to children to play He hold swara’s hand roll it and bring her close and say Even you are pataka but no wory I’ll make you flower Swara kick her knee and hit on his main point and even use her elbow and foot to hit them Swara:don’t you dare do this again otherwise I’llmake your life hell for you and yes I am black belt in taekwondo I have learnt it for 3rd class guys like you And yes if you repeat it again I won’t left you well to do anything with your wife Sanskar see all this and smile Precap: swara and sanskar sitting on bridge and talking Thank u Sorry for mistakes

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Swaragini 10 November 2015 Written Episode Update



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