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Sunny Leone sings Baby Doll in Kannada [Video]

The question dubbing in Karnataka has been hotly debated recently. The High Court of Karnataka and the CCI (Competition Commission of India) have said that no authority can prohibit dubbing in Kannada. And now, a top Bollywood music label has risen Kannada versions of its successful albums of Bollywood, as Aashiqui 2, Ragini MMS 2 and more in your regional online channel. Sunny Leone videos show singing baby Chinnada Gombe Na instead head doll Sone Di times of india.

Kannada film industry and media suddenly began to take note of this. This comes as a big move, considering that were strong objections to the Kannada version of Satyameva Jayate Aamir Khan was released online. A boss in a music label says: “When the Superior Court and ITC have reached a verdict allowing video dubbing and these are owned by the label, no one can oppose them Legally, there is nothing wrong. and these songs have the right to stay in line. ”
The author and activist kannada Vasant Shetty posted a link to the Kannada version of Aashiqui 2 Sun Raha Hai Na Tu. He wrote, “The song is very well dubbed into Kannada. Once the door opens, the quality will improve and cope with the competition, the original songs in Kannada be even better.”
In a panel discussion on the dubbing of last week, the star of sandalwood V Ravichandaran said, “Before, there was no unity in the industry and everyone took a collective decision not to allow copying. This power was such that none opposed her. But now, since there isn ‘t such unity, people are looking for immediate gains and are pushing for dubbing. But they are not considering the long term. For example, in Tamil Nadu, people face now dubbing and heat are reconsidering it.

In that same podium, Krishnegowda, actor-producer who has registered the Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce Dubbing said:.. “There is room for all in high film content values ​​as RangiTaranga So is doing well good movies fight major releases across languages. films dubbed help theater owners, especially in northern Karnataka, where hundreds of cinemas are closing the store. dubbed films as films could revive halls of India South have helped bent theater owners in many northern states of India. The dubbing industry is lucrative and many benefits. “



Dubbing in Kannada is well

“The Karnataka Film Chamber of Commerce (KFCC) has no objection to dubbing in other languages ​​in Kannada. The matter is still sub-judice, but considering that there have been legal mandates that allow copying and guidelines government and in the question, it would be unwise to object. However, if an interested party becomes the government to change the rules, then may object, “says Thomas D’Souza, President, KFCC.