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‘Srimanthudu’ Box Office Collection: Mahesh Babu Starrer Collects $500K in US Premiere Shows, But Fails to Beat ‘Baahubali’ Record

Mahesh Babu “Srimanthudu” has opened to an overwhelming response shows premiere, but has failed to break the record collection of “Aagadu” and “Baahubali” in the US box office. Sunil pantra, Vamsi Karumanchi Duggirala and Kiran Shiva Polavarapu, who have acquired the distribution rights in the United States of “Srimanthudu” have released the film in more than 150 screens, which is more than the previous output count Mahesh Babu “Aagadu”. Reportedly celebrated premiere performances of 117 localities.

‘Srimanthudu’ Box Office Collection

“Srimanthudu” had witnessed large-scale advance bookings for their premiere shows. In fact, their tickets are sold at a record price of $ 15,000 with the film beating the record of “Baahubali” – which tickets were sold for a maximum price of Rs 10,000. The distributors were excited to business pre-release of the film and he hoped to beat the record premiere of “Baahubali – the beginning.” ibtimes

But “Srimanthudu” collected approximately $ 500K in premiere shows in the US .. The house distribution Great India Films, Twitter, “US #Sreemanthudu from 23:00 PT Dear 117Locs grosses $ 500K. ” Superstar Mahesh Babu is the most popular actor in Telugu in the United States and apparently has a base larger than the energy of the star Pawan Kalyan fans. Until the release of “Attarintiki Daredi” Mahesh Babu films were celebrating all records. “Attarintiki Daredi” Pawan Kalyan had earned more than $ 345,000 from the premiere shown in US 26 September 2013. Later, Mahesh Babu “Aagadu” broke this record by collecting the $ 533K Preview shows in the country.

Then, “Baahubali – the principle “not only broke records Telugu films, but also” PK “which was the highest grosser Indian film in the US (Entertainment Release). “Baahubali – the principle” has raised $ 1,010,550 from the premiere showing on 118 screens in the US .. Now is not the Indian movie grosser highest in the country. After seeing the business of pre-release of “Srimanthudu” some trade experts predicted that “Srimanthudu” could break the record Rajamouli director, but has he did not.