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Sonika Kaliraman First Fight At 27 December With Pakistan’

Sonika Kaliraman First Fight At 27 December With Pakistan’. New Delhi. boxer Vijender Kumar, former woman wrestler Sonika Kaliraman now decided to join the professional wrestling. Her first fight Canadian of Pakistani origin fighter will be on December 27 Say goodbye to wrestling five years ago, who said in an interview Sonika “, 6 months ago I RBC Bank of Canada had offered to join the pro wrestling. At that time my son was only three months old, so that the contract had refused to sign. But when I returned the proposal could not refuse. “

Sonika Kaliraman First Fight At 27 December With Pakistan’

What will be the fight?

Sonika is preparing for this fight. 5-5 minutes will fight three rounds. The winner is not decided, it will continue until the next half hour. It will not be 15

minutes after passing a brake. So, whether a wrestler stopped the fight will be able to be unconscious.

Sonika Who?

Sonika Chandgiram daughter of the famous fighter. She was retired from wrestling in 2010. She married the American businessman Siddharth Malik were resolved. now the

mother of two children. Sonica 2010 Big Boss 5 threats have been visible on the player -2. Big Boss, who was only 8 days. Mental stress due to pregnancy and she had

left the show midway. Bhaskar

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