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Sasural Simar Ka 21 October 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Sasural Simar Ka 21 October 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Scene 1

Khushi said to pari i will pretend to indra like i am in her control. Indra asks khushi was simar there? Khushi said yes. Indra throws something on her. She asks Khushi to leave. Khushi comes to temple and says thank God everything is going fine.
100 years back: Indra comes to room and drags padma by hair. Pandit ji grasps indra. He says go tell thakur everything. Padma says i can’t leave you alone like this. He says you have to go.He says this witch will destroy everything now go. Padma runs. Indra says all the soldiers are either faint or in my control. Who will save padma? She kicks him. she says you are not my dad. Because you never gave me respect of elder daughter. You always gave my right to padma. Your padma ran and left you alone in your last time. And I am here. with you in your end. To say good bye. She laughs.
Padma runs to thakur. Thakur is with the guru witch.She is performing some black magic on her. Padma shoves her and hits her with a vase. Rana gets up. He says how am i here? She says they did magic on you. She tells him that indra killed pandit ji. Rana says i wont leave you. Padma says no you can’t do anything right now. You have to stay alive for our people. We have to go out from here. They run. Indra comes and gets her guru up. She asks who did this? she says i started the pooja but padma came and attacked me. She took thakur from here. Padma and thakur see all the soldiers faint. Rana asks his soldier to open the door. He doesn’t listen. He says I can’t let you go out. All of his soldiers are under indra’s control. Indra comes in the hall. She says thakur come here, no one is going to help you. trust me I will forgive everyone, even padma. If you reject my offer, I will destroy everything. She starts looking for them. She says you have time to this sand to come down, till you decide. Rana says to padma we have to go out. She says your life is in danger. Rana says thats not more precious than my people. You will stay here until I kill her. She says if your forgive and marry her we can save so many lives. He says no, I will face her. Either she will be alive today or me. I can’t give your spot to anyone. Indra picks up the sand clock. Rana comes in front of her. Padma comes as well. He says I asked you not to come. Padma says forgive me, fate knows if we will be together or apart. But right now i have to be with. she is a sinner and she will be punished and i will be with you in this. Indra says i will kill padma with these hands and you wont be able to do anything thakur. Pandit opens his eyes. Padma says lets see what God has decided. A woman comes in and says not God, I will decide it. Her face is covered.
Precap-The woman comes in. indra and her guru bow down to her. Rana says you are behind indra in this fame.