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Sasural Simar Ka 2 November 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Sasural Simar Ka 2 November 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Scene 1

Sujata, mata ji and everyone is crying. Prem takes the pot. He recalls siamr promising him everything. He recalls their moments together. Indra says people who leave never come back. and simar she never will. And life doesn’t stop for anyone. Now you all have to forget simar and move on. I could evern burn simar, and kill her. But I didn’t do that. I just want this house to be mine. Her guru says everything in under your control. Indra says God this time I won. Prem says just two minutes this is not your triumph. You can’t have me. I hate you. What you think? God wont do justice? The story that was left incomplete 100 years ago will be completed.
Mata ji says this is the beginning of your end. Indra says no matter what you say. I know that you wont remember anything. Prem says you wont stay alive. I will kill you today, he throttles her. Indra shoves him. She moves towars the pot. Prem tries to save it but she takes it. Sujata says please leave siamr indrawati. Indra says i always loved you and wanted love in return. And you wanted to kill me. I paid in so many ways. I thought you will be mine after i lock her in pot but she is still between us. She has to die.She throws it, sid catches the pot.Amar starts reading a mantra. They all join him. Indra’s head hurts. Mata ji asks khushi to bring sindur and candles from temple. Indra and her guru ruin out. they put sindur on the gate so she never comes in again.
Prem takes the pot from sid, he says please don’t give up. Mata ji says what have you done God. simar is such a nice girl why are you doing this to her. Why do we and simar have to go through this. Sujata says please save her God.
Guru says we have to wait for right time, without that our powers will abate. We have waited for 100 days, some more days after that whole world will be under your feet. Indra says okay i will wait for right time. Indra says i will come back thakur and take you with me.
Precap-Guru ji says we have to go there. Prem says in heart i will go to indrawati and give her myself to save my family.