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Sasural Simar Ka 13 October 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Sasural Simar Ka 13 October 2015 Written Episode Update Colors Tv

Scene 1 Simar says i will bring indra back. Everyone says are you mad? she says listen to my plan. She tells them the plan. Simar says are your ready to walk with me on this path? They all consent with her. Simar says we are all united against indra in this war.
Simar goes out and says indra can you listen to me? please come here. Please come here i wanna talk to you. Prem wakes up and says who tried to rope me? You dont know power of rana thakur. Once i am release you will all be punished terribly. Simar says indra please come. Prem says perma what you need her for now? Are you again conspiring something against her? Indra says to prem, i am here to release you, she can’t keep you like this. Prem says i knew it. Simar says indra come here. Prem comes out and says why are you making so much noise? Everyone is scared. Simar says prem ji. Jhanvi says what if he attacks her again. sattu says we have to stop him. simar says stay in temple all of you. Sujata says no we will protect you. Simar says none of you will come here. Prem says indra is right you just pretend that you love me, that is why you roped me. what you thought i will stay there and you will play games. Today i will not leave you able to play anymore games. He is about to attack her. Indra comes and stops him. She says why are you punishing her for what she did in her previous life. she wont harm me in this life nor you. No one can changed history, right simar? simar says yes. This is why i have been calling you out. Indra says what you mean? Simar says I am getting things now jiji. You said no one can change the past but we can at least atone for it. I will atone for the mistake i did in my previous life. I will make you and prem one. I know its not easy for you to believe this. This is more painful for me but I have convinced myself that this is my fate and punishment that i should separate with prem in this life. I request you to stay here for 8 days with us. Give me one chance to repent. The story that was left incomplete in that life shall be completed in this life. Indra wonders why is she saying this. simar says i know you can’t trust it. But I have been agitated the day i got to know about the sin i did in previous life. I beg you to stay here, i will live like your slave. Just bring my roli back. After that I will leave you and prem’s life forever. Accept my apology. Indra says in heart i think she knows my powers now. Better you accepted you defeat. Indra says don’t say sorry like this simar. You called me jiji i will fulfill your wish. I will bring roli back. Simar says thank you jiji. She hugs her.
Indra says simar you asked me to stay but your family. They all say we have no problem. Simar says no one has issues just you give your consent. Indra nods. Indra says see thakur simar is a nice girl. Now promise me you will live here calmly for 8 days. Prem says if she doesn’t come in my way i wont harm her. Simar says to indra come here i wanna talk to you. she takes indra in her room. Simar says jiji you should stay in this room for next 8 days. Indra says why can’t i live with thakur. Indra says i waited 100 years for this moment. simar says he is my husband, how will i see him with you like this.. Indra says simar are you playing some game with me? Simar says no. I am just waiting for roli then i will leave this house, then prem will be yours. Amar overhears it. Simar says when i see msyelf i see a murderer. You have helped me, tell me why i killed you both. Indra says i dont wanna ruin your life. You can’t take more of it. Simar says please tell me what happened. Indra says no. Amar drops a vase, Indra goes to check.
Precap-Simar says to amar i have to go back in that life. This time indra can’t do anything.Amar hypnotizes her. He says look around what you see?

Sasural Simar Ka 13 October 2015