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Salman Khan Retracts Tweet on Yakub Memon With an Apology

Salman Khan Retracts Tweet on Yakub Memon With an Apology. MUMBAI: After a day of protest, actor Salman Khan retracted his tweets in Yakub Memon – Man on death row for the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai. Last night the actor had tweeted saying Yakub and should not be hanged in place, his brother Tiger Memon, the main accused in the case drain must be sent to the gallows.

But his tweets provoked a storm of protest, carrying the flag, slogan shouting local BJP members holding a rally outside his home. Some of them were arrested by the police, who had stepped up security outside the residence of Mr. Khan in the afternoon. At night, Mr. Khan tweeted:

Earlier, Mumbai BJP president Ashish Shelar met with the Governor, appealing to bail Mr. Khan, who is accused in several cases, canceled. “I have appealed Salman Khan is himself a convicted person and spoke in favor of another convicted person … So your statement of bail should be canceled, “he said. Ramdev Yoga Teacher also said: “It is important to teach the lesson to the national anti … People who support anti-national activities for humanitarian reasons should It will also be punished. ” ndtv

Mr. Khan’s father, writer Salim Khan said, had also expressed disapproval. “He (Salman) should not say anything about such serious topics without no knowledge. Salman is ignorant of the issue and people should not take it seriously, “said Salim Khan. Tiger Memon allegedly planned the explosion along with Dawood Ibrahim – both have been run since 1993. Of the 11 people convicted in the case, Yakub Memon, who had maintained that he knew nothing of the conspiracy, was the only one to be given the death penalty. The case has reopened the debate on the death penalty. This afternoon, a group of eminent citizens filed a new appeal for clemency to President Pranab Mukherjee, asking for a relook at the order of execution of Yakub Memon.

Memon is to be executed on July 30, which also happens to be his 52th birthday. He has already filed a petition for clemency to the governor of Maharashtra and a petition the Supreme Court seeking a stay on the death sentence. The plea will be heard on Monday.