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Royal London One Day Cup Today Prediction 2015

Royal London One Day Cup Teams 2015

Jul 25 2015 – Sep 19 2015, Teams: Kent (KENT), Essex (Ess), Worcestershire (Worcs), Nottinghamshire (Notts), Sussex (SUS), Surrey (Sur), Durham (Dur), Somerset (SOM), Warwickshire (Warks), Leicestershire (LEIC), Northamptonshire (NOR), Gloucestershire (Gloucs), Yorkshire (Yorks), Lancashire (Lancs), Middlesex (MDX), Glamorgan (Glam), Hampshire (Ham), Derbyshire (Derby)

Royal   London One-Day Cup  Predictions

From Jul 25 2015 

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Nottinghamshire v Warwickshire Prediction 25 July

Surrey vs Northamptonshire Prediction  27 July

Glamorgan vs Kent Prediction 28 July

Surrey vs Yorkshire Prediction  29 July

Kent vs Hampshire Prediction 30 july

Worcestershire vs Yorkshire Prediction 30 july

Sussex vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 30 july


Glamorgan vs Essex Prediction 31 July 


Durham vs Surrey Prediction 31 July


Hampshire vs Middlesex Prediction 1st August 


Durham vs Yorkshire Prediction  2nd August


Gloucestershire vs Somerset Prediction 2nd August


Surrey vs Derbyshire Prediction  2nd August


Essex vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 2nd August


Yorkshire vs Leicestershire Prediction 3rd August


Lancashire vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 4th August


Surrey vs Worcestershire Prediction 4th August


Derbyshire vs Leicestershire Prediction 4th August

Worcestershire vs Gloucestershire Prediction 5th August


Yorkshire vs Somerset Prediction 5th August


Leicestershire vs Durham Prediction 6th August


Middlesex vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 6th August


Kent vs Lancashire Prediction 8th August

 Derbyshire vs Durham Prediction 17 August


Northamptonshire vs Gloucestershire Prediction 17 August


Middlesex vs Glamorgan Prediction 17 August


Leicestershire vs Worcestershire Prediction 17 August


Kent vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 17 August


Derbyshire vs Worcestershire Prediction 18 August


Warwickshire vs Sussex Prediction 17 August


Derbyshire vs Worcestershire Prediction 18 August


Surrey vs Gloucestershire Prediction 18 August 


Durham vs Nottinghamshire Prediction 25th August 1st Quart-Final

Gloucestershire vs Hampshire Prediction 26th August 2nd Quarter Final


Essex vs Yorkshire Prediction 27th August 3rd Quarter Final



Surrey vs Kent Prediction 27th August 4th Quarter Final


Gloucestershire vs Yorkshire Prediction 6th September 1st Semi-Final



Nottinghamshire vs Surrey Prediction 7th September 2nd Semi-Final




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