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Priyanka’s ‘Quantico’ leaves B-Town impressed

Priyanka Chopra, who has made a raid into worldwide TV with “Quantico”, has earned praise from the Indian film club veterans like Shabana Azmi and Shekhar Kapur.

Bollywood’s ‘desi young lady’ Priyanka Chopra, who has made an intense invasion into global TV with “Quantico”, has gathered backing and praise from the Indian film clique veterans like Shabana Azmi, Prakash Jha and Shekhar Kapur. For them, she’s as of now a “worldwide star”. The previous lovely lady has made her introduction in the fiction space with TV arrangement “Quantico” as Alex Parrish, a new kid on the block FBI initiate with a strange past. The show debuted in India on Saturday. The main scene laid a puzzling contribute with a terrorist assault New York and the FBI specialists under scanner and Priyanka’s character is additionally a suspect. The narrating changes from the past to the present, and back. The show likewise leaves a puzzling vibe about all of operators. With recognition coming her direction, Priyanka is happy her diligent work has paid. Priyanka, who had prior made waves in the remote business sector with her music singles “In my city” and “Intriguing”, tweeted: “Overpowered! Happy you folks loved #Quantico. Makes all the frenzy, diligent work and exertion so justified, despite all the trouble! Live tweeting’s so much fun, must do once more!”

Priyanka’s ‘Quantico’ leaves B-Town impressed

This is what the stars tweeted in the wake of getting the pilot scene of the ABC appear, on Star World:

Shabana Azmi: @priyankachopra you do us pleased Priyanka. Congrats for Quantico and a major tight embrace!

Kunal Kohli: @priyankachopra saw #quantico #brilliant #YouRock #Love You genuinely an International star #MadeUsProud

Punit Malhotra: Little late yet just viewed #Quantico. Restores my conviction. Nobody like my fav “desi” young lady @priyankachopra Super as usual.

Congratulations ma’am Prakash Jha: Well Done @priyankachopra! Discovered #CatchQuantico charming! Can hardly wait for the following scene! So pleased with you Abha Mathur..

Sparkle On! Neha Dhupia: Really delighted in #quantico @priyankachopra… Can’t hold up to see what the super #agentparissh does in the following scene!

Kabir Bedi: CONGRATULATIONS! @priyankachopra on an incredible execution in #Quantico. #US commentators cherished you as well!

Extraordinary accomplishment. @QuanticoTV Daler Mehndi: #Congrats for ur #International TV Series #Quantico @priyankachopra!! All the best for future. #RabRakha #CatchQuantico

Shekhar Kapur: Congratulations @priyankachopra on #Quantico .. she is an incredible buzz here in Hollywood. You did it, Priyanka! #CatchQuantico

The show likewise highlights performing artists Jake McLaughlin, Tate Ellington and Graham Rogers, who all play kindred selects, and portray their enterprises and encounters as they prepare at Quantico base in Virginia, and insider facts of their past begin to develo.