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MTV Splitsvilla (Season 8) 12 September 2015 MTV

Watch the promotional video of the next episode of this show organized by Sunny Leone. Trust me, you will not want to miss this!In the last episode, we saw Zaan emerging as the hero and be declared safe disposal area. The contestant was Ishaan pit against a physically challenging task where Ishaan Zaan completely crushed and bet hard. Amaad Ishaan and went straight to the dumping area and the girls were announced as safe bolloywoodlife. Later, as always, the high  voltage drama unfolded in the dumping area where surprisingly besties Narula Prince Paras Chhabra and current king got into a war of words MTV Splitsvilla (Season 8). When things cooled between the two, Amaad decided to maintain the high tensions and made a nasty comment about Vanessa and character. This irritated Subuhi current queen, almost pounced on Amaad and abused him like there’s no tomorrow MTV Splitsvilla (Season 8). The episode ended with a shocking twist, where host Sunny Leone, presented the book of Fortune contestants.

Click Here Video MTV Splitsvilla (Season 8) 12 September 2015

In the next episode, we will talk about the book Sunny fortune in detail. Those who followed the previous season will know that this book was seen there as well and is being reintroduced. And Prince Paras will get into a fight again and things will get out of hand when the two try to hit each other MTV Splitsvilla (Season 8). Paras will become a victim of the wrath of Subuhi where she will say aloud to call all “flirtatious” women.