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MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan to go off air

Ok, really we do not want to bother you, but it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite Kaisi Yeh MTV Yaariaan (BBC). According Tellychakkar. KY2 was all set to take a leap of six months and bring a different story all together to animate the show. Also with lead, aka Manik Parth Samthaan quit, several twists and turns had been planned by creative. But all is in vain that the channel has decided to pull the plug on it. And the last episode will air on August 27. Not sad?

MTV Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan to go off air

Two theories have come to our desk giving a brief about what led to the closure of the fair. Shared resources, “Manufacturers should not confident about the second season will shape and therefore only dragging the project to keep the brand did not seem feasible.”

Another source said: “As soon as the news of Manik move became public, the popularity of the show received a directbhit With fans to lose interest, the creators decided to give it a logical end and happy history..” Interesting … Although we have yet to get any confirmation on the occasion of the closing, we promise to keep a good eye.
The channel is yet to decide on the replacement, although some shows are there in the pipeline. The team reportedly concluded KY2 shoot in two weeks.

Actors and production team on the development silence remained. Well, we are sure this news must have been a surprise to fans. Do not forget to share their emotions with us in the comments below. Then we wish all the team good luck KY2 for its future activities.

Yeh Kaisi MTV Yaariaan apart from Parth, has Niti Taylor, Charlie Chauhan, Ayaz Ahmed, Veebha Anand Utkarsh Gupta, Krissann Barretto, Abhishek Karan Malik and Jotwani as the main cast