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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode Colors Tv

This is written update of 14 Sep episode.
Ranveer gets on the bus with the money bag. On the bus, the bag becomes a person who smiles saying this is your thing. Ranveer takes the bag to say thank you, but the  man was the kidnapper meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. The bus is filled progressively. The kidnapper gets up on the bus, and moves in the direction Ranveer
back. As soon as a couple outside the bus station, Ranveer also follows them and the bus is reduced Colors Tv Drama.indian drama meri aashiqui tumse hi The kidnapper  was watching him from behind the tree waiting for the bus to leave. Ranveer he calls and asks if he can see the box garabage Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September
Episode. You should keep the bag there and go home. Ranveer insists that he had asked him to deliver the bag just can not be placed anywhere. The kidnapper said he had  also been told that Ranveer has no choice but to listen meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode.indian drama meri aashiqui tumse hi He laughs and says that if he
thinks he will get so easily? Ranveer looks around to find the man, he is not alone Colors Tv Drama. Ranveer keeps the bag near the litter box, be vigilant to find the  bag, but a number of people were watching. The kidnapper tells you to turn around and not look back, when you come home again Ishaani get at home. Ranveer is careful
not to turn but he points to his appointed men leaving. The kidnapper appears from behind the tree when a man knocks off the bike. The policemen had gone to help and  meanwhile the kidnapper takes the bag and leaves. Police then regret having lost the bag.

Ranveer went to the bus station, Inspector Ranveer called to found the kidnapper Colors Tv Drama. He has his bag, RV asks where. The inspector tells him to look back,  he’s right behind him with white and black shirt. Ranveer takes the man by the neck, called names and punches him. The inspector also run to him. The man tells them
that there is a man of distributing some clothes and a bag for free, but nothing can be free in this world. As he noted in a charity where many vendors remain the same  bags. RV is surprised to look around. Ranveer says that this man is very clever, he came up with a complete planning and now he’s worried about Ishaaniindian drama
meri aashiqui tumse hi. He receives a call from the kidnapper and asks if his plan failed, this happens in the game thief and police. He had warned her not to tell the  police, but united. No room for error in this type of mission Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode. Today Ranveer used his mind and lost his wife again.
Ranveer asks you to worry about your own life, he knew he hit somewhere desserted with the bag. The bag does not have the money, but a bomb in it. The kidnapper takes  it as a joke, Ranveer asks to know the bag. Really strong, Ranveer says he had had a hand in his Ishaani and now pay for it. The inspector says Ranveer took a big
risk, Ranveer says that man should throw the bag somewhere near the place, they will hear the blast of a bomb and come to him as he too will be able to go far meri  aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. The kidnapper’s bag dropped into the pool of water nearby, but fell on the ground because of the explosion. Ranveer and police
running toward the sound Colors Tv Drama.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode Colors Tv 

Amba was dry in the house that Ranveer has gone mad after Ishaani. She wishes she could keep him home. Baa is there, Amba she asks if she can not keep his bluntness  out for one day, she’s just talk about getting back Ishaani. She can not help them find the kidnapper? Baa says Ranveer has to give the money to the kidnappers, who
are not picking up his call, and may Amba prove their number. Baa says she wanted to go with Amba Ranveer and wanted to go too. You always have to face the problems  together. She says if there is a problem there that would handle it? Ranveer will certainly not deny the call from his mother meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode.

The hijacker tries to escape while police Ranveer and takes it. Ranveer recognized to be the man behind him for years, he wonders where is Ishaani. Ranveer says he is  the one who kidnaps others in the family and then ask for money.indian drama meri aashiqui tumse hi The kidnapper says his wife is in more pain than he. Ranveer
holding his neck, but the kidnapper says he has done everything he could do Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode. The kidnapper says Ranveer had also hurt  someone like her. Ranveer says he does not remember having ever seen. The kidnapper said today that it is ready to be hit but today Ranveer know what is the pain of
being away from his owner. The kidnapper says he’s enjoying seeing Ranveer in this state, will never know the whereabouts of his wife. Ranveer slaps the kidnapper, and  says he will not listen to their nonsense. The kidnapper said to be good, if he talks about his family’s good and if he (the hijacker) speaks of the family that is a
mistake. Ranveer will pay. Ranveer says he has never harmed anyone and if he could have, is unknown to him. If you must take revenge to take him not his wife. The  kidnapper says he also loved his family as Ranveer loves his wife. Ranveer says today gives himself against him, the police did not hurt, but I must say about the
whereabouts of Ishaani. The kidnapper gets rid of it from the clutches of the same police men. The kidnapper says that both are in the same situation, have twenty  minutes. Ishaani had put a bomb jacket, and the time Ranveer told there is no money in the bag, he got the switch jacket. Now twenty minutes to save his wife.Meri
Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode Ranveer is concerned. The kidnapper said to have also spent two minutes, only eighteen minutes remaining to him now, and to  save the bomb explosion. Ranveer takes the new man with necklace and asks where Ishaani is. The kidnapper said he had told them that love gets his love through
heartbeats, and now virtually should.

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the kidnapper had eaten something and the police take him to the hospital. Shikhar Ritika is in jail. He says he has come here to Ishaani meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode, he says the game is playing with it is not true. She blamed  the kidnapping of Ishaani on it, but forgot who he is, he’s the best lawyer in Bombay and daily deals with criminals Colors Tv Drama. He says he has to know who hired  the kidnapper to Ishaani. Ritika ask who? Shikhar says he did. It has even caught the kidnapper and confessed himself. Now, with his verdict, which intends to keep
Ritika to prison for life. He says he is taking a chance, if she confesses his crime the punishment can be reduced, otherwise it will have to spend his life in prison.
Ritika says that he did do, but the kidnapper has some old enmity with Ranveer Ranveer and wants revenge Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode. Shikhar is  uspectful. The inspector asks Ranveer revenge that person is speaking, he should remember indian drama meri aashiqui tumse hi. Ranveer says at this point is only concerned about  the pump as Ishaani has less time meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. Ranveer asks for the location of the kidnapper of its mobile service Colors Tv Drama. The  inspector says he got it done. A young policeman gets there and says Ishaani is close Mohimlake that is minutes away from this place Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15
September Episode.
Shikhar Mohimlake repeated as he hears it from Ritika. Ritika ask why again and again to confirm when you have already taken the man. Shikhar says no, nothing. Ritika  asks if it will be safe. Shikhar says his conscience allows you to save a kidnapper but not a murderer, he is not going to save her.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 15 September Episode Colors Tv