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Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 14 September Episode Colors Tv

This is written update of 11 Sep episode.
Mala enters the room and gives Ranveer a messenger, somebody had to guard and left Colors Tv Drama. Ranveer opens it to find the bracelet Ishaani broken. He worries that had been cut from his hand. Read the letter sent to your bracelet today has to do what he asks for more the next time you will receive Ishaani hand.
The kidnapper was driving the car with Ishaani head covered in the back seat, the kidnapper is a place with so Ishaani out of the car. Ishaani is running, he says he has already sent her husband the first track, the following can be even worse dramas online. Ranveer says the inspector on the phone that he got the bracelet that was on hand Ishaani, this guy is really dangerous. The kidnapper brings another goddown Ishaani remover cover the face, mouth was tied. He tells Ishaani going, she should not try to escape as he hates the crafty. his boss is informed on the phone that took Ishaani the long drive, and brought her back, but she thinks they are in a new place. He tells his boss that Ishaani no longer know where they are, also says Chotu to come meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. It ishaani again and said fresh air is really important. Chotu brings Ishaani glass of water and some food. The man removed the cover Ishaani mouth, he says Ishaani not scream as nobody will hear it. Ishaani watches Chotu phone lying nearby. The kidnapper leaves. The kidnapper called Ranveer, Ranveer says Ishaani not touch at all. The kidnapper says that now he will know what the cost of losing someone is. He tells Ranveer take your bag of red and black, put in thirty million rupees and take them to church bus. Ranveer what if leaves Ishaani then? The man says he has no choice now. He has to believe, and should not inform the police. Ranveer says he will do anything to save Ishaani.
Chotu cookie puts in the mouth of Ishaani. He tells Ishaani not mourn, nothing will happen. He says his uncle says that if life is bitter as lemon, think it will make a delicious lemo Paani. Ishaani question who he is indian drama meri aashiqui tumse hi. He tells her that he is her uncle. Ranveer Ishaani wonders how it will be when it is so.
Ritesh says Ishaani had no enmity with anyone. Chaitali says sometimes love also makes you hate. She says Shikhar Ishaani must have gotten kidnapped by fear of loss, as Ishaani loves Ranveer. Krish and Dewarsh had gone home then, Krisha says Shikhar is not. He can not do this at all, he knew Ishaani expose Ritika and go to RV one day, he helped Ishaani being. Why he had sent Ishaani to Ranveer if he wanted to? Amba was hearing all this. RV breaks down. Krisha says they should never suspected his brother again, he has sacrificed a lot. Ranveer says those who sacrificed can never hurt meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. He says the kidnapper is really dangerous and shows baa Ishaani bracelet. Ranveer says the kidnapper asked him to bring thirty million rupees, Shikhar is checking the numbers. He says he has to be someone who is very close to all of them, kidnapped Ishaani room and called exactly when the messenger arrived.
Ishaani tries to stand up, and then look at the phone lying around. She looks at the door and struggle with the phone.
Ranveer talk to the inspector who has spoken with the kidnapper, who is really dangerous. If you know you talked to the police, to do very badly Ishaani. Ishaani dials Ranveer but was busy. Ranveer says police that two men in plain clothes, but very carefully. Ishaani begs the Ranveer to attend the call. Ranveer says the inspector who is receiving a second call and by the time that Ishaani reveives had lost hope meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 full episode. Phone bell rings, Ishaani see the number and answers the call. Ranveer Ishaani asks if she’s okay, Ishaani was crying. Asks where meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 on dailymotion. Ishaani says he knows where he is. She says Ranveer hijacker is alone, has a son with him Chotu with gray and blue uniform. Ishaani Ranveer says not to worry see her bracelet. She cried and begged him to save her. Ranveer says it will save her at all costs. He tells Ishaani to keep his hand on the heart, takes its name, this time it will not allow differentiation. Ishaani says she does not know the enmity of man, but is very dangerous. The kidnapper comes. He holds the phone, then hits hard Ishaani. Ranveer yells not to touch her, he warnsmeri aashiqui tumse hi facebook. The kidnapper says Ranveer who have less time, you have only two hours. He has to come alone and no police meri aashiqui tumse hi 2015 promo. It has kept an eye on him and hung on. Ranveer try the number again, the kidnapper approaches Ishaani was trembling with fear. He asks if she has to call another party, warning shouts vigorously to take his life. Leave Ishaani mourn.