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Kumkum Bhagya 7th September Episode Zee Tv

This is Kumkum Bhagya 4th September Written updates.

The Episode begins with Tai ji clearing the house and thinks Pragya has made her naukrani. She takes a seat. Ronnie comes and requests that her not sit else no lunch. He makes the spot filthy and requests that her clean once more. Ronnie requests that Mitali utilization clothes washer just for 30 mins. She runs. Ronnie thinks to go to kitchen. Tanu gets tensed considering washing the utensils and requests that Aaliya help her. Aaliya eats apples and couldn’t care less about Pragya’s request. Ronnie comes and requests that they do their work.

Aaliya debilitates him with blade. Pragya comes and asks what is going on here? Ronnie advises her that Aaliya debilitated to execute him. Pragya requests that he go and see outside. She says she needs to do which she would prefer not to do. Aaliya says we won’t acknowledge your requests as I am Rockstar’s sister and Tanu is his eventual wife. She says once I get irate, it won’t be great. I will destroy your make over face. Pragya requests that her destroy her face and takes blade holding the fabric. She requests that Tanu wash the utensils else Aaliya will be blamed for her passing. She requests that they work.

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Purab ponders meeting Abhi. Bulbul likewise thinks to meet Pragya. She educates Sarla is concerned regarding Pragya. She says she may advise truth to me while being distant from everyone else. Purab says yes you are correct. Mitali and Taiji reviles one another in their heart. Purab comes and is stunned to see Mitali cleaning the house. He inquires as to why you are doing this? Mitali cries. Tai ji tells she is clearing the house at this age. Purab requests that who asked you do this. Tai ji says Pragya requested us. Purab says why you are functioning according to her request, as she is not here. Mitali tells she continued ring expert for us and shows Ronnie. Ronnie is seen resting and requests that do work. Abhi comes and asks Purab for what reason did he come there. He sees Ronnie and sprinkles water all over. Ronnie gets up and welcomes Abhi. He says he is Pragya’s colleague. Abhi thinks to educate

a lesson to Pragya. Tanu tells Aaliya that her hand has turned out to be unpleasant. Aaliya says her hands are delicate. She says we need to do something and calls Raj as he went to meet legal advisor. Raj picks the call. Aaliya asks what did legal advisor said? Raj says legal advisor is asking 1 lakh for each hearing. Aaliya says you have some cash right? Raj tells he contributed the cash and will think what to do. Tanu tells Aaliya that they can’t be relied on upon Raj. Aaliya thinks to get cash from her companion and mastermind a legal advisor.

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Pragya sees workers rundown and thinks 10 records are fake. She calls somebody and requests that send representatives list with their arrangement letters. Abhi comes to Pragya and asks what you have done? Pragya asks what was the deal? Abhi tells Ronnie is not letting his family sit or have water. Pragya says it is great and she need to advance him. Abhi requests that her fire him. Pragya declines and says she can’t keep her eyes all over the place, so her colleague will do the needful. Abhi gets furious what’s more, says I will reveal to you ‘the force’ of a typical man. He takes off. She gets a call and her worker advises her that he sent representatives list. Pragya asks who has the power to sign on the arrangement papers. He says Purab. Pragya reviews Aaliya telling that she has confined Purab. Pragya descends and tells Ronnie that somebody will come to give cash stacked pack to her. Aaliya hears her. Pragya advises deliberately and requests that check whether Aaliya cooked the nourishment for not. Aaliya tells Tanu that they will take the cash stacked pack. Tanu asks who will take?

Pragya comes to converse with Dadi. Dadi requests that her turn her face and talk. Pragya advises her that she gets pitiful to arrange Abhi. Dadi requests that her not see his tragic face and focus on her work. Pragya advises her that there are fake financial balances of representatives. Dadi asks did you tell Abhi. Pragya says she can’t as Purab will be faulted.

She sees Dasi coming and inquires as to why she didn’t take the necessary steps. Dadi says she would be doing. Dasi insults Pragya. Pragya goes to her room. A young lady turns out from that point. Pragya asks her who she is. She says she’s Payal, Abhi’s colleague. Payal asks her where she’s going. Pragya says she’s setting off to her room. Payal obstructs her direction saying she can’t go in without an arrangement. Abhi will give time and at exactly that point she can meet him. Pragya is stunned. Dasi gets glad.