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Kumkum Bhagya 4th September Today Episode update

The Episode begins with Abhi conversing with Pragya’s specs and calls it fuggi. He requests that her arrival back to him and keep hand on his head. He says I will get great rest on the off chance that you touch me. Pragya comes and keeps hand on his head. Abhi rest and says you are the best fuggi in this world. Pragya helps him get
up and tries to take him to bed. He speaks the truth to fall, however she holds him. He makes her wear specs and takes a gander at her affectionately. Ho Allah  Wariyan… … He strokes her face and says yes, my fuggi is back. He bounced and considers bed. Pragya removes his shoes.

Aaliya calls Robin and asks where are the workers? She says she didn’t get her squeeze, oats, custard and so on. Tanu comes and requests that Robin request hireling to  make her breakfast. Pragya asks who is making commotion? She inquires as to why you are stunned seeing me. Aaliya asks where are the workers? Pragya says I have
rejected the workers from occupation for expense cutting. She requests that Aaliya make nourishment. Aaliya asks am I cook? Pragya requests that her make breakfast  first. Aaliya won’t. Pragya says in the event that you would prefer not to cook then you can eat out and I will cut cash from your pocket cash. She arranges Tanu to
wash utensils. Tanu says she is a super model. Pragya says you were model some time recently, yet now you are pregnant. She requests that they utilize less cleanser else she will cut cash from their pocket cash. She calls them useful to no end.

Kumkum Bhagya 4th September Today Episode


Sarla thinks what has happened to Pragya and appeals to God for her. Purab comes and welcomes her requesting that her call Bulbul. Sarla calls Bulbul and inquires as to whether all is well at Abhi’s home. Purab tells nothing is well, and tells Abhi’s condition is terrible. He got plastered and I dropped him home. Bulbul comes. Sarla approaches her to leave for office as it is getting late. They  take off. Pragya announces that she offered leave to every one of the hirelings and the work will be finished by the relatives. She requests that Mitali wash  everybody’s garments in less cleanser. She tells Taiji that your obligation is less, you need to clear the house and clean it as well. She solicits Raj to fare thee  well from children. Dadi tells cash has made you distraught. They are not acclimated to work. Dasi says she is doing well. Pragya says you both need to work as well.

Aaliya says will you request that Dadi work. She says I will call Bhai and he will make you right. Pragya says I am not done till now. She gives sanctuary obligation to Dadi and Dadi. Mitali inquires as to why
did you not offer work to Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya advises she offered work to them first. Mitali snickers. Pragya says don’t think when I am in office, I can’t take a  gander at all of you. She calls Ronnie and says he is her own partner. Ronnie tells that he gets two things early, outrage and snicker. He requests that they begin working before he gets furious. Pragya comes to room and claims to peruse daily paper. Abhi awak ens and asks who made me think about bed. Pragya says I did. Abhi asks who put on something else?  Pragya says I did. Abhi asks what else did you do? Pragya says she don’t have time for futile things. She requests that he drink espresso. Abhi drinks espresso and
says it is same. He makes confronts and says it is less sugary. Pragya says she put less sugar in espresso for better wellbeing and expense cutting. Abhi tosses it.

Pragya says she has eliminated his espresso consumption. She requests that he get prepared in 10 mins, else he won’t eat. Abhi thinks on the off chance that he breaks  espresso mug then she may not give him breakfast.Aaliya says it is a point of confinement. I thought she fled from here. She needs exact retribution from us. Tanu says  she didn’t think in regards to my pregnancy. Raj comes and requests that they bear little thrashing to get enormous increase. He says we won’t talk about anything  inside the house. He takes off. Pragya comes and hears Aaliya conversing with Tanu. She says we need to contract an attorney. Tanu says from where we will get cash. Pragya says you will get cash, yet my way. I shall wait for them to do mistake.

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