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Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September Episode Zee Tv

The Episode begins with Dadi telling that she will rebuff Aaliya for her oversights. She tells Pragya that you can’t get frail right now and helps to remember her guarantee. A flashback is indicated, Pragya advises Dadi that she needs to come clean to Abhi, and it is upto him to trust her or not. Dadi tells what a decent choice? I thought I have done right by getting you wedded to Abhi, yet it end up being my silliness. She says I require a bahu who will be with Abhi, as a defensive shield, and you are fleeing from him being feeble. You can’t bolster your spouse. Why did you take the wedding promises and wear kumkum and mangalsutra. She says when Abhi needs you, then you are abandoning him. Why I would must wedded to you, as you has great values and clean heart. She says you exited Abhi in transit, you have sold out me and not Aaliya and Tanu. Pragya inquires as to why you are stating this? I need to take him out of Aaliya and Tanu’s grasp. I exited home, and I can’t return. I need to spare him, however can’t do anything alone.

Kumkum Bhagya 3rd September Episode Zee Tv

Dadi reminds her about Savitri sparing her spouse from Yamraj and tells she has quality of trust, affection, mangalsutra, sindoor which Yamraj couldn’t break. She inquires don’t you have quality of kumkum or questions your affection. Pragya says I cherish my spouse all that much and trusts my Kumkum. Dadi requests that her get to be Savitra and ensure her spouse from the inconveniences. She requests that her demonstrate her win, and says I will reveal to you the way. She requests that her guarantee to bring out Tanu and Aaliya’s truth infront of Abhi. Pragya asks what might I do? Dadi says you need to take new conception and need to wind up cutting edge. You need to take everything in your grasp, and turn out to be new proprietor of the house. Pragya is stunned and says everything will think she is insatiable after cash. Dadi says they will be in stun and will do some misstep, giving them opportunity to

uncover them. Pragya says we will come clean to Abhi. Dadi says we might not let him know, but rather demonstrate to him reality. Pragya says then he will loathe me. Dadi says when Aaliya and Tanu are uncovered, Abhi will love you considerably more. Dadi requests that her guarantee not to feel frail and attempt to back off from her thought process. Pragya guarantees infront of God. FB closes.

Dadi asks where is this flame which I found in your eyes. You got debilitate listening to spouse’s words. Pragya apologizes. Dadi says I will pardon on one condition and inquires her to have quality. She says I need to see Aaliya on your strides and see Tanu out of house. She requests that her not see Abhi’s disdain, and says he is broken at this point. He will come to me, and I will deal with him. You simply consider you’re thought process. I can’t come infront to battle, however will bolster you from back. Pragya says reverse commencement will start for Aaliya and Tanu. Dadi says great.

Raj gets some information about Pragya’s day at office. Raj admonishes him and requests that make 10 fake representatives list. He speaks the truth to enter secret word, yet is ceased by the worker. He tells Pragya has transformed her PC secret key. Raj supposes he needs to do something to Pragya.

Pragya contemplates Abhi’s scorn words and reviews Dadi’s words requesting that her not get feeble. Abhi returns home being tipsy. Pragya speaks the truth to touch his journal, yet Abhi requests that her not touch his journal. Abhi says you may be stressing deduction from where did I inspire cash to drink. He says he has an extraordinary fan taking after, and asks her not to overlook that he is invaluable rockstar. He advises he went to Pub to drink wine, and the proprietor ends up being his fan. He requests my signature and I gave my arm ornament. He gets upbeat and proclaims with the expectation of complimentary wine to everybody. He says this is affection. How you will get it? Simply keep your cash with you. He falters while she tries to hold him. Abhi says at whatever point you touch me, I feel like a killer is touching me. He says you have killed my fuggi and requests that her not touch his journal once more. He looks for something and Pragya asks what you are looking. Abhi says nothing. He at long last gets it and requests that Pragya rest as he needs to converse with somebody. He gets Pragya’s specs and begins conversing with it. He requests that it not take a gander at the lady who is remaining far, and acclaims his fuggi. He tells I missed your eyes, your grin and your displeasure. He requests that her return to him, and asks how he will stay without her. Pragya gets weepy eyes.