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Kumkum Bhagya 2nd September Episode ZeeTV

The Episode begins with Abhi coming first floor and Aaliya asking what happened in his room. Tanu asks did you show a lesson to her? Abhi couldn’t say anything and goes from that point. They are astounded about his conduct. Pragya cries taking a gander at the things which Abhi demonstrated her. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays… … while
she peruses the journal and letter. Abhi is sitting in bar and reviews Pragya’s words. Pragya reviews Abhi’s heart talk. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words that his image name, Abhi the rockstar is additionally under her name. He supposes his Pragya can’t be similar to this and he would prefer not to see her face. Hamari Adhuri plays… … ..She comes to  puja room and sits infront of the in house sanctuary. Aaliya and Tanu are interested to know, what Pragya may be doing. Tanu tells Pragya may be crying like some time recently. They see  the light off what’s more, supposes she is crying. Aaliya says we will admonish her and gets inside the room. When they don’t see her in room, Aaliya tells she more likely than not  stole away from here. Tanu gets energized and says now we can make a go at shopping and my marriage can happen now. Pragya cries and tells everything is going from her hands. She says she is
going a long way from  her adoration instead of making him far from her foes.

Somebody comes there and keeps hand on her shoulder. Pragya says I can’t impart my torment to anybody, and need to come clean to him. She says I am doing this on your adages. Regardless of the possibility that I satisfy my thought process then don’t know whether I will have the capacity to discover him. She requests that her take  out from this wreckage. The individual supporting her is uncovered and she is none other than Dadi. Dadi embraces her and requests that her quit crying. She says I am with you. Pragya says why did you spared me on that day. Dadi says on
the off chance that you had gone from this world, then what might have happen to me and Abhi. She says three lives was spared that day.

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A flashback is indicated, Doctor checks and tells Pragya that she is no more. The medical attendant sees Pragya’s mangalsutra and requests that other medical attendant  store it in the counter. Dadi is going from that point and happens to see the mangalsutra. She sees the mangalsutra and is being educated that it fits in with dead patient. Dadi demands to see the  dead body, and goes to see. She reveals the fabric from her face and is stunned to see Pragya kicked the bucket. The attendant advises we attempted to spare her, however  she kicked the bucket. Dadi says nothing can happen to my bahu. She asks Pragya, did you hear what she is stating. She requests that Pragya wake up and stop the show. She holds her ears and apologizes asking  her to get up. She tells my life is in you and approaches her to wake up for her and Abhi. She keeps head on Pragya’s midsection requesting that her return to life. Pragya  moves her fingers and returns to life.
Dadi tells Nurse, did you see? I let you know that nothing can transpire. Medical caretaker goes to call the specialist. The specialist checks Pragya and tells this is  a supernatural occurrence. I saw it today, that second conception is conceivable too in the same conception. He requests that her unwind and says she is fine. Medical attendant tells Dadi that Pragya was  grasping mangalsutra also, cherishes her spouse all that much. It appears she returned to life on account of her spouse. Dadi gets upbeat and calls at landline number. Aaliya picks the  call and inquires where are you? Dadi says she came to healing center to pick the report. Aaliya thinks Dadi may call her to lift her up and puts on a show to not hear her. She detaches  the call. The medical attendant advises her that Pragya is fine. Dadi sits at Pragya’s bed side while she is oblivious and tells that we will figure out how to get you  back in Abhi’s life. She gets Abhi’s call. Dadi speaks the truth to pick it, Pragya picks up awareness and calls Dadi.

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Dadi thanks the God as Pragya picked up awareness. She tells my life was making a go at seeing your condition. Pragya tries to get up. Dadi makes her drink water. She  asks how did this mishap happened? Pragya advises her something which is quieted. Dadi tells I will educate Abhi that you are fine. Pragya requests that her not illuminate him  and says everything is done. She tells Aaliya and Tanu are double-crossing and misleading him. A flashback is demonstrated, Tanu is indicated conversing with Nikhil and Pragya  catching her. At that point Aaliya’s discussion with Raj is indicated, and Pragya listening to her. FB closes. Dadi lets it know was great that Abhi didn’t wed Tanu in view of you.  She says Abhi pardoned Aaliya three times in light of me, and she is doing the issue with him. I will rebuff her. Pragya