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Kumkum Bhagya 1st September Episode Zee TV

Abhi and Pragya are at war and all thanks to Aaliya and Tanu, who always manage to fool the rockstar in the belief that his wife is now a villain. However it seems  that Pragya finally found a confidant in Mehra home might be the mole that will help you fight Abhi and Tanu and Aaliya. We watched drama unfolds on the dining table
when Aaliya alleges that Pragya want Daadi eat stale food bollywoodlife. Abhi a raging storms into his bedroom and faces Pragya about this.

Pragya destroy even swears he stole not only love but also his mistress ‘Fuggi’ him. Pragya suddenly realizes that instead of helping Abhi find the real villains in her life is becoming coz
villain mischief. So, what develops is below normal and strange filmi, Pragya is sitting in the dark before a diya and is strongly talking to herself about losing  Abhi, the love of his life. Daadi enters and in his trademark style comforts Pragya.

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Will Pragya admit that she is faking a makeover and take the help of Daadi? Or will they continue to behave like ab @ tch before Abhi’s grandmother? Also for a lady on a mission, it not Pragya a little too weird. I mean if you are being someone you’re not careful you do not have your truth is not out. As Pragya crying and talking to  herself loudly in the dark with only a lamp in front of her. What if instead of Daadi, Aaliya or Tanu had entered and heard? Here take a look at what will develop in  the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya …