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Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv

This is 15 sep written episode
The episode begins with Pragya and Dadi are surprised when someone heard their conversation. The woman turns out to be Bulbul. She applauds for sacrifice and love of Pragya. Dadi says he made a mistake and closed the door behind him. Bulbul is happy. Dadi says this world is … .Aaliya Sample is happy thinking Pragya still loves
Abhi. Raj asks what happened? Aaliya says shows that Pragya has feelings for Abhi, and we have to take advantage and establish a game plan accordingly kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. She says Abhi will help them know. Raj says okay and goes Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. Abhi think why Pragya saved him? If she really
cares about me, or have feelings. He believes that I know the real reason and get into your mind kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. Think about where you are? Pragya says Abhi said I freed because of money kumkum bhagya serial. Dadi says everyone is blind and knows the truth. Pragya says he will prove that she released it for the money.
Bulbul says he came to say why Jiju took the money. Pragya question why? Bulbul said they had to return money to customers who booked Bhagya kumkum marriage hall, and Abhi helped them with money Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. Dadi said that I knew that my grandson will not let his kindness. Dadi asks you to do it
without heart, as she trained her to be modern.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv

A flashback shows, Bulbul Pragya training and grooming her to be modern and looks arrogant. Bulbul taught his arrogance and attitude. Pragya she asks not to be hard on her husband. Dadi says to teach again, holding the stick. Bulbul says’ll leave nothing Maa now be at the door with the stick kumkum bhagya serial. Sarla Jhanki says
that Bulbul called Abhi and helped them kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. Abhi says Jhanki helped them without any relationship, and saw his impotence. Sarla says Pragya’s call did not connect when we were in need. Bulbul comes home and says she was drinking coffee with Purab Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. Sarla wondering why you are lying? Purab said he dropped him back one hour. Bulbul says she was Abhi’s house to thank him kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. Sarla says he did well. You met Pragya? Bulbul says she was there, but ignored him kumkum bhagya serial. Sarla is injured. Bulbul his anima and apologizes for lying.

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Pragya is room and searches for files. Abhi takes your picture and say you’re a thief. He says the video captured, stealing things and will get arrested. He said that the title of this video is theft at the home of Rockstar kumkum bhagya serial. Pragya asks for the video filmed by a professional and says he needs money. Abhi is
surprised. Pragya says he also put your video on the social network and make money with many tastes Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. Abhi says he wants to prove her wrong. Pragya says he stole money. Abhi says he took the money and did not want to ask Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. You wondering why save me? Pragya says you said in front of everyone, and asks to sleep as he has to work on the song kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. She asks where my file? They try to take the file and fall into bed together kumkum bhagya serial. They have an eye lock while the song Allah Wariyan Views …………………………………. ………..
..Pragya takes the file and let thanking.

The next morning wake Abbi and play loud music to disturb your sleep. He says he has to compose a song and needs peace Kumkum Bhagya 16th September Episode Zee Tv. He starts exercising kumkum bhagya Dailymotion. While he is exercising, Pragya come and stamp their feet on the table, surprising Abhi (as taught Bulbul).