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Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode Zee Tv

This is 14 sep written episode
The episode begins with the Inspector coming to Abhi and saying that he is under arrest. Abhi is surprised and says that the heart of people and not money is stolen  because it’s a rock star. The inspector said to have a test and Pragya complained against him. Abhi is surprised and says the money is yours. The inspector said that the money belongs to Pragya now asks you to sit in the jeep kumkum bhagya serial. Abhi feel Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. Purab says Bulbul Pragya called the police to arrest the family member who has stolen money kumkum bhagya zeetv.

Abhi is brought to the police station and go Pragya foot. He comments on his actions. Pragya inspector comes and says that the money was Abhi. He says he has not understood that the money was his and the money came from a charity kumkum bhagya Dailymotion Video. She says her own money will come in a few days. She leads back to
you. Abhi Pragya think might be telling the Inspector to increase my mandate kumkum bhagya zee tv. The inspector asked Abhi go as he is free of charge Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. Abhi says he will not go as you could shoot me. The inspector says Pragya has taken over the case kumkum bhagya serial. Pragya Abhi asked not
to thank him. Abhi looking Rickshaw.

Dadi think what to do to save Abhi. Aaliya says if Pragya releases Abhi, then she loves him. Dasi angry at Pragya. Tanu says we have to take his class. Dadi said first think about how to save Abhi Police. Pragya comes home and watches. Dadi came just think that means she sent the police Abhi kumkum bhagya Dailymotion Video. Abhi
aaliya plan to use against her. Abhi is there walking beside her Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. Aaliya is surprised and says that means she loves Bhai even now.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode Zee Tv

Tanu says thank God you’re here. Dadi hugs him and asks what happened. Abhi says he could not stop me as someone saved me. He tells her that he is saved by Pragya Arora. Tanu says she threatened to send me to prison and showed that I stole. Abhi is surprised kumkum bhagya serial. Aaliya asks why not think about money and frees.
She says it can be …… ..Abhi says I’m his walking ATM and final no bank account. People use it to your advantage Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. If I had stopped to get, then people will not buy my records and she will not get the money. He says he can even sell the dead to their advantage. He says you thought you control me, but do not forget that the remote is in my hand. He says his weakness is my rockstar Abhi Abhi …… brand. You can not do anything to mark Abhi kumkum bhagya zee tv. Pragya asks you to think what he wants kumkum bhagya serial. Abhi rues torture from now and tells everyone not to worry.

Dadi think Pragya could not keep control over your emotions and freed Abhi ruin your plan kumkum bhagya Dailymotion Video. Just then there comes Pragya. Dadi applauds his tauntly and says he released as Savitri. She asks him why he did this without asking. Pragya apologizes to her. Dadi says my trust in you is gone. You have raised
a doubt in the mind and Tanu Aaliya. They will think that you still love Abhi and acted for a renewal. They have known about his weakness now, and plan against him. I thought it will be a success for exhibition and I can join them, but now I think I have to see the two separate kumkum bhagya serial. Pragya says she could not see him
go to prison, and says that his victory is useless if Abhi is not with her Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. She says she can not see into trouble kumkum bhagya zee tv. Dadi says would have taken home and remember your promise. Pragya says he did not forget his promise to her, but also remember the promises made to Abhi during
their marriage kumkum bhagya Dailymotion Video. Dadi said this step was wrong and told him about his weakness to his enemies kumkum bhagya Dailymotion Video. She says now both be in trouble, why can not see the two happy kumkum bhagya zee tv.

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Dadi says you are responsible for your separation and failure, and if this happens, then do not forgive. Pragya asks you not say that and says it will never separate Abhi. Pragya says if my love is my weakness, then it will become my strength too, my love will help you win in this fight Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode. Just
then they hear someone clapping and looks at outrageously.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th September Episode Zee Tv