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Kumkum Bhagya 14th September Episode Zee Tv

This is 11 sep written episode
The episode begins with Pragya open the bag and empty. Tanu looks empty and too surprised. Pragya aaliya fault for trying to frame Tanu and asks the police to arrest  her. Pragya think the Tanu and Aaliya have caught. Inspector asks why he filed the FIR, when the bag has no money. Pragya says the bag was money in it. Ronnie says
that CCTV footage installed in the room and they will know who stole the money. Pragya and Ronnie go to the room. Ronnie takes the camera and says he will give your laptop. Aaliya asks Tanu, who took the money. They suspect one another kumkum bhagya. Purab comes there and asks why Dadi police are here. Inspector says he came to
arrest the thief. Purab asks who called you? Aaliya di Pragya says her adorable. Mitali baharwali accused Pragya says. Tanu says she will be the wife of Abhi. Mitali says not yet. Purab asks where Pragya. Dadi said that up to know about the thief. She comes down and asks Ronnie to connect the footage. Come Tanu steal the bag. Raj says money is not shown in the bag. Pragya asks Ronnie to play the video from the beginning. Abhi seen leaving with the bag. Bhai says aaliya thief. Pragya is surprised. Aaliya says to arrest Bhai for this robbery zee tv.

Inspector says we have to stop it. Tanu says that he can not be arrested as he is a rock star. Dasi says it is money all Abhi. Tanu asks that arrested Pragya. She  casts the blame to trap Abhi. Aaliya says we have to think about the way out of this problem. The police inspector asks Abhi arrest and bring him to the police station
dramas online. Raj is Aaliya and says he does not expect this from her. Aaliya said to have made this arrangement to get money. She says that if he is arrested Bhai then he will get angry, and draws its fury upon it kumkum bhagya serial . If Pragya acts and saves Abhi, then we will have to think of our plan.

Dasi Dadi said that Abhi is seen talking about money from the bag and now police trap. Dadi think why Abhi steal money. If he is trying Pragya. She thinks I can not report anything that Indu. Dasi said he never forgive her. Dadi says he can not do anything. Dasi says he will not accept orders Pragya and respond to it. Dadi gets up
and prays to God for help Pragya. She asks him to give strength to others Pragya your hard work will be wasted. Pragya worries and think what am I going to do if the police arrest. She thinks the image and reputation will be ruined Abhi. She wonders what to do? Who will help me. Then he thinks they can not take the help of others still win their enemies watch kumkum bhagya Episode.

Pragya Ronnie says he does not know, what is the problem you have with Abhi, but know that she cares about him and are concerned. He promises that his sister will never have to face problems, and face their problems. Pragya asks that proves nothing and keep an eye on the family. She says she’ll see how to protect Abhi. Abhi
think you can not move this way and think you do not want to see Pragya. He gets out of the car and stops at a tea stall. Inspector comes and says he is under arrest. Abhi question why? Inspector says for stealing money from home kumkum bhagya Today Episode in high quality.