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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 4 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 4 November 2015 Written Episode Update

A guy comes and asks Mukti and Naviya to give them her son but Naviya is not touched and says that she will not give him to them but they keep on requesting her to give it to them but she is not moved. Naviya gets angry so Mukti asks her to go inside saying that she will handle it. Mukti says that they will take a test and if they pass in it then they will think about the adoption. Manik and Nandhani are walking where they start talking about Naviya’s son abir and them Manik says that he came back to this place after a long time. They go in where Nandhani’s uncle is shocked to see Manik and they all start talking. Rishab comes and Manik greets him and when he speaks Manik is shocked as to how did this happen then Nandhani’s uncle explains the whole incident to Manik as to how Maddy took Rishab to his house and then there he heard the music from which he started to talk. Manik congrulates him. Mukti tries to talk to Naviya about giving Abir for adoption but Naviya is not convinced and keeps on saying that she doesnot trust anyone anymore and will not give her son just like this to anyone who comes to them. Mukti then says that Abir deserves a better life one which they cannot give to him and he will be better off without them because they are just kids. Manik and Nandhani are walking in the hall of space where everyone keeps on staring Manik which annoyes him and Nandhani also asks if he is okay. They walk a little further and Manik sees two boys listening to the performance of fab 5 with Maddy and hearing this he gets angry then they see the poster of fab5 with Madhiam. Harshad comes and taunts Manik saying that the new posters of fab5 are good. Harshad greets him and says that how does he feel after being replaced. He says that his friends choose Maddy over him and hearing to what Harshad is saying Manik gets angry and is about to go. Harshad stops him and says that how does it feel to be kicked out of the band. Harshad further says that Manik’s legacy is completely gone and then Manik slams the poster to which Harshad gets amazed. Manik walks angrily and Nandhani also follows him saying that he knows how Harshad is like but MAnik says that does she think that what he said is wrong. Manik and Nandhani are talking when suddenly Maddy comes and starts to talk. He says that he heard a lot about him and knows that he is the son of the ex-trusty of space. Maddy says that he knows what it feels like to be replaced but his friends came to him begging to perform for them and that is the only reason he did it. Manik gets angry and looks at Nandhani then he asks Maddy to leave but he says that he wants to talk to Nandhani about her friendship. Precap: Maddy signs the deal but Dhruv sees him doing it and says that he is going to talk to him but Manik says that he has a plan for them and now he will do the talking.

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