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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Austad Mukesh says to Madhiam that he got ashamed because of him for the first time. Maddy says that Austad Mukesh would not like this but he had a great evening and his performance was also great. Maddy says that he only respects him because he was the one who raised him otherwise because he did not do anything worthy of respect and Maddy says that he even plays music for his reputation. Madhiam tells Austad Mukesh that from now on he will do only what he feels is best for him. All of them are trying to think as to why Manik not listened to them and went away. Mukti says that they should tell him everything and try to win him back. Dhruv and Mukti go to find Manik at his house and Nandhani and Aryaman search in space for him but both the teams are un successful when Nandhani says that she knows where he might be and when they go there they find Manik standing there. She goes to him and tries to talk to hi but he gets angry and when he sees Aryaman asks Nandhani if she has also moved on.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan

Aryaman hearing this goes away and then Nandhani hugs him and does not leave him until she tells him all that has happened in these past four months. When Manik comes to know this he feels guilty and apologizes to Nandhani. He confirms if she has also moved on and when he gets the answer in his favor he gets happy. Manik then teases Nandhani by saying that he is going back to puna and when Nandhan walsk away he goes to her and starts to throw flowers at her seeing this she comes to him and Manik is about to kiss her when she stops him and says that he has to call his friends. Manik says that now he will have to explain everything to them and also apologize to them but he says that she will also go with him now that everything is okay and drags her even when she doesnot want to. Aryaman goes to the gym and two people are discussing about Manik. He starts to punch the bag when suddenly Maddy taunts him. He doesnot listen to him but Maddy comes to him and starts to taunt him and says that he is similar to Nandhani but Aryaman says that he is here to box and then they both start to do it. Maddy after boxing texts Nandhani. Precap: Manik and everyone arrive at some place where Manik says to Nandhani that they can live in one room. Maddy is sitting on his bike and thinks that Nandhani is not the person she tries to be.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 27 October 2015