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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 19 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Naviya is walking in the room and suddenly is about to fall because of his son. She gets a call from a person who is adamant to adopt Abir. She tries to say to him that the add was a mistake and he does not want to give her son. She goes to pick but her shirt gets dirty by his son Abir. Mukti comes and is much tensed. Naviya asks her as to what became of the lead singer butshe sasy that nothing happened and they even went to Maddy but he refused. She says that she is amazed that he rejected the fab 5 and that it is becoming more of an ego game and they will win it no matter what. Madhiam is lying on his bed and says that Nandhani is no one to tell him what to do and he will not listen to him. He further says that he will not replace Manik and is not the one to replace anyone. Nandhani is walking and suddenly Aryaman comes and asks if she talked to Maddy. Nandhani also says that she does not want him to replace Manik and she sometimes feel that Manik is there but she stops. Aryaman asks her what she wanted to says but she requests him to leave her alone. Nandhani goes to the car blast and sasy that she feels that Manik is with her sometimes and is watching her. Aryaman comes and says that he is sorry but he wanted to know what she is doing. She ask if he is following her and he says that he is. Aryaman sasy that is it not hurtful to come here but she says that she wanted to because this is the place where Manik died there she sees something in the ground and after searching finds that it is the bracelet that she gave to manik and remembers when she gave it to him. Upon being questioned by Aryaman she says that it is very far away from the car blast. She says that something must have happened and tries to point him in the direction that Manik is alive. Aryaman tries to say to her that he is dead but she does want to listen and only agrees when he brings the piece of the number plate. He further says that the blast had a great intensity and so nothing would be able to survive.; Nandhani says that she does not want to believe anything and some miracle must have happened to him. Aryaman hugs her and requests to come because he has to practice with the fab5. Mukti Dhruv and Aaliya are performing and Dhruv is going to off the course. They ask him to relax but he say that all that the producer said is going on his mind and he is not able to concentrate. He say that they do not have a lead singer and if Maddy accepted her proposal then shewould have told them first. They all give comfort to Dhruv. Nandhani asks him to go and she will join then after some time. She stays bvack and remembers Manik and says that he has to come back. Precap: Nandhani says that Maddy did not listened to her and refused. Naviya calls saying that she will host the show but Mukti says that they donot have a lead singer on this Aaliya says that they need help.

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  1. manan u are the best onscreen couple in this world

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