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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 15 October 2015 Written Episode Update

Madhiam says that why are they so blunt faced but they will not get the jam room even today because it is booked. He does not listen to what Aryaman is saying then suddenly Mukti says that they want him to be their lead singer. He thinks that they are cracking some joke and laughs while making fun of them. Then when he realizes that they are serious he says that the other boys were also begging him tossing with them but he is a one man band and does not like to work with anyone epically with them who hae him and then he asks them to get out. Aryaman says that it is a live performance which wills benefit them and also him but he leaves.

Mukti and Aryaman are thinking tirelessly Aryaman asks her to sit down and they will think of something. He says that he will make a plan but she requests him to not think and let her handle it suddenly Aaliya comes and asks for the verdict. She then goes to get Dhruv and asks some students as to where he is. After finally finding him he says that he wants to be alone so she should go back but she sasy that she came back just for him and wants him to not give up and remain strong.

He receives a call from the manager who says that the sponsors want to hear his song and he has to come the next day to present it so he should go and practice.Aaliya asks him as to who was it but he does not says anything. Then Aaliya says that someone also rejected him he gets confused and asks who was it she then says that it is him who is not listening to her.

Nandhani is smiling then when Mukti says that why she is smiling she says that she does not want Maddy to replace Manik. They all get angry and sasy that when she brought Cabir’s replacement she did it so easily but she has to realize that both of them are as equal to them and cannot be replaced. She says that she will talk to Maddy on last time and leaves. Nandhani is typing and suddenly sees Manik who s angry she says that she is only finding his replacement because of his friends but he does not say anything and disappears. She gets a call from Aryamann but she tells him to call back because she is in a hurry.

Maddy is listening to his music then suddenly a txt comes and then when he goes to open the door he finds Nandhani standing there. Maddy tells her to go and says that he will not help her or his friends but she does not isten and says that he has to perform and they not only need his voice but himself. Maddy says that he does not hate him but will not do anything. Nandhani sasy that why is he so stubborn and did he never had any friends. Nandhani asks him that and he says that he took an oath because his friends betrayed him. They had to perform and his friends got scared because of his Jd and left he says that they betrayed him and so he had to dis qualify from the torument. He tells him to get lost and also pulls her but she doesnot go and also says that he is double standered. He says that why does she not understand that he wants her to leave. She says that why does he not want to give himself a chance. He will come tomorrow morning and everyone will be there.

Precap: Nandhani and Aryaman are searching and she finds the bracelet she gave to Manik. she says that why is it so far from the crash site and thinks that someone must have got him.