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Is it a crime to be born in Kashmir? asks Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actor Aly Goni

In a city known for welcoming people from around the
world with open arms, the actor Aly Goni,india-fourms currently
features ‘Ye Hai Mohabbatein’, are finding it difficult
for a house to rent as it is a Muslim from Kashmir.
The actor moved to town a couple of years ago and
after failing to find a place for himself, he decided
stay with his cousin. But even two years in the
line, nothing has changed. “I am sure that all homes have
TV and people watching us for entertainment. Then why
It is so difficult for an actor to rent an apartment in Mumbai?
Is it a crime to be born in Kashmir?

We have the same documents, have the same
passport, voter same card and the same pan. So
Why do we have to deal with this discrimination? Do not
let someone rent a house anywhere in the country
It is undemocratic. I am heartbroken that looked
down on a threat to society just because
I am a Muslim Kashmir. “‘

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