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Indian ‘Munni’ stuck in Pakistan needs ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

First brought to an Edhi Centre in Lahore, the girl was shifted to the shelter in Karachi where Bilquis Edhi named her ‘Geeta’ and has become quite close to the girl. Now 23-year-old, Geeta is believed to have mistakenly crossed into Pakistani territory as a child.

Indian ‘Munni’ stuck in Pakistan needs ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’

Bollywood hit Bajrangi Bhaijaan may have been a work of fiction, but in Karachi is a true life story of an Indian girl who can not speak or hear and stuck in Pakistan for 13 years with all efforts to locate his family in India remaining success.

“The Punjab Rangers brought us some 13 years ago,” said Faisal Edhi Welfare group of the Edhi Foundation. “For years, we have been trying to locate his family or his hometown so he can come back,” Faisal was quoted by the daily Express Tribune. First taken to a center Edhi in Lahore, the girl moved to shelter in Karachi, where Bilquis Edhi named ‘Geeta’ and has become very close to the girl. Now 23 years old, Geeta is believed to have crossed error in Pakistani territory as a child. “The only communication that has succeeded to the staff Edhi is recognizing the map of India on a mobile phone and break to mourn,” the newspaper said. “Crying silently, she frantically says for the first time in the Indian state of Jharkhand and then in Telangana, trying to tell us something about your past that may be a clue to them.” Using your fingers and facial expression, Geeta says he has seven brothers and four sisters. “We showed people his writings but nothing has come of it.  She copies of magazines Hindi words,” Faisal said.

Staff at the shelter have created a separate prayer room for her, adorning it with colorful posters of Hindu deities. “This is the Ganesh which I have for her to Nepal,” Faisal said pointing to one of the statuettes. With the success of the Salman Khan-starring ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’, activists are making more efforts to bring Geeta with his family in India.

Human rights activist and former minister Ansar Burney, who has raised the issue of Geeta three years ago during a visit to India, and is running a Facebook campaign  for her. “Last year, officials from the Indian Consulate visited her, took his picture and records, but that didn t come back,” Faisal said. The journalists, including one from India, also met him but no one was able to locate his family. dnaindia

Activists persuaded Geeta foundation to begin a new life in Pakistan to marry a Hindu boy. In sign language, she refused and made it clear that only marry once she  returns home.

Among the writings of Geeta, the numbers ‘193’ makes a frequent appearance. Faisal draws a house on a piece of paper and hands him a pen. Geeta takes, smiles and jots the numbers beside him. ‘193’, it seems, can be your home number, the paper added. Salman film revolves around a girl with speech and Pakistan who finds herself lost in India and no way to return home. An Indian man undertakes the task and reunited  with his family in Pakistan.