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Imran Khan, Reham divorce with each other consent

Imran Khan, Reham divorce with each other consent

ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) administrator Imran Khan and his wife, Reham Khan, have consented to separate after about couple of months of marriage, Dunya News reported.

The couple separated with shared assent following ten months of marriage, PTI representative Naeemul Haq affirmed.


Conversing with Dunya News, Naeem-ul Haq said the choice to separate was extremely touchy and significant issue.

At the point when asked that for what reason the news was uncovered a day prior to the neighborhood government races in Punjab and Sindh, the gathering representative reacted that Imran Khan has asked for the media to maintain a strategic distance from hypotheses on the issue.

To an inquiry, he said they have separated on an individual matter.

“She (Reham) needed to get included with legislative issues and that is not what Khan needed by any stretch of the imagination. She simply would not have liked to sit at home,” a private TV channel reported.

Not long after their marriage, some PTI pioneers and supporters had communicated worry over her interest in gathering legislative issues after which Imran Khan reported she would not challenge surveys or go to any gathering social events.

Not long after the news broke, Imran Khan expressed this is an excruciating time for him and Reham. He asked for everybody to regard their security.


Meanwhile, Reham Khan posted a message on Twitter saying that they have filed for divorce.


At the season of their marriage, it was accounted for that the Haq Mehr was set at Rs100,000. Then again, as per media reports a Haq Mehr of Rs180 million will be paid to Reham.

Imran Khan discredited the reports in regards to budgetary settlements.


Hypothesis about the marriage being on the stones had whirled in the media for a considerable length of time, drawing furious refusals from Khan on online networking.

“I am stunned at a TV channel putting forth a libelous expression about my marriage. I emphatically ask the media to cease from such ridiculous articulations,” Khan said on Twitter after a media report in September said Reham was “not welcome at Bani Gala any more”.(dunyanews)