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Fencing Champion Hoshiyar Singh Died After Being Thrown Off Train

Fencing Champion Hoshiyar Singh Died After Being Thrown Off Train. LUCKNOW: A national fencing champion, Hoshiyar Singh, died on Thursday after Allegedly I was thrown off a train by the railway police in Uttar Pradesh. The 27-year-old, WHO won the bronze medal in an under-17 championship in 2005, was traveling With His mother, wife and 10-month-old child on the train from Mathura to His hometown Kasganj When the incident Took place.

Fencing Champion Hoshiyar Singh Died After Being Thrown Off Train

The railway ministry has ordered an investigation into the family’s Allegations That the athlete was pushed off the train for Refusing to pay a fine for entering the  women’s compartment. ndtv

Hoshiyar Singh, Who Was in the overall coach, tried to board HAD Apparently the women’s coach to meet His Wife, Who Was unwell. Hoshiyar Singh’s wife alleges the policemen Demanded That Rs. 200 from the athlete, and When I refused to pay, They pushed him. “They pushed my husband for money.

Police meat and Asked him what I was doing in the ladies coach. I begged them to let him talk to me. They pushed him and I got stuck. I hope They are punished,” Said His Wife , holding her young child. Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu tweeted That I HAD Asked for the “strictest possible action” against the police.

“We can not tolerate crime by uniformed police, supposed to be Protector (sic). Ordered police for immediate action on esta heinous crime. Condolence to bereaved family. Such acts can not be tolerated,” I posted. An FIR or police complaint Has Been Filed Against a constable, but the police claim the athlete slipped and fell.

“He was on his way to Mathura. I HAD got off to drink water and while trying to catch up with the moving train I slipped and got stuck,” Said a police officer.

In 2011, another national-level athlete, volleyball player Arunima Singh, was thrown off a moving train. She lost her right leg in the incident.

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