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Don’t Have Huge Dreams, Want to Play Cricket Again: Sreesanth

Don’t Have Huge Dreams, Want to Play Cricket Again: Sreesanth . S. Sreesanth was acquitted of charges attachment point for the courthouse Patiala and Kerala Pacers would love to play cricket. S. Sreesanth has always expressed extravagant. Having been acquitted of charges of fixing point, it was no different. “I have no big dreams,” Sreesanth said, “but it will be great to play cricket again.” Eloquent as always Sreesanth spoke exclusively to NDTV and opened his heart for viewers.

Although it does not have big dreams of making a comeback India, Sreesanth appealed to the BCCI to let him use their facilities. “I love the BCCI to let me use their facilities to get my state completely,” Sreesanth said.

Sreesanth might have been acquitted by the court but the BCCI has still stuck to his ban. However, the 32-year-old World Cup winner not want to go against the junta. “I do not want to go against BCCI” he said, “If you know Sreesanth today, it is thanks to them.” When asked about his emotional outburst after the acquittal, Sreesanth recounted his difficult days in jail, “People who have gone through what I have, understand my tears.”

Speaking of the past two years, said former international India: “It was a difficult time for my family and my father fell ill It’s not easy for a man to see. his son in jail. ” However, he was relieved that the truth finally came to light.
“I was happy that the court believed me and had tears of joy,” the man of 87 Test wickets said.
When he asked about ‘that’ game ‘that’ towel, Sreesanth said, “It was starting a four was a hot day. It was a coincidence that I had the towel in.” Sreesanth Will make a reappearance of Cricket? Does the BCCI to lift the ban? Do cricket fans in India believe that the man of Kerala? The questions are many, responds unknown. As for today, Sreesanth is a relieved man who knows, in the future, one could see the express Kerala directed upward, jumping
and gives his swingers deadly outside for India again! ndtv