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Consumers Can Deactivate Internet on Their Cellphones Via Text: TRAI

NEW DELHI: Mobile subscribers can activate or deactivate the Internet service on your mobile phone by calling or sending an SMS to a new toll-free number 1925 from next month onwards.

The new directors of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) follows a large number of customer complaints that mobile operators were keeping very complex process off to earn extra income.

The directive mandates issued today telecom operators to provide toll-free number ‘1925’ from September 1 to enable or disable the wireless Internet service, either by making a call on the number and the next instruction or by sending an SMS .

Customers can send SMS to 1925 by writing “START” to activate and “STOP” to deactivate the service. Telecom operators have to respond immediately to customers on the status of activation and deactivation of service.

The new amendment issued in Regulation Consumer Protection directs Telecom telecommunications operators not charge subscribers for use beyond the limit subscribed without your express consent. ndtv

“No service provider must enable or disable the data service in mobile cellular telephone connection of a consumer without their explicit consent,” said the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India.

Although the provision to enable or disable a value-added service has already been in place, but telecom operators often denied the complete deactivation of mobile Internet services.

“These complaints mainly concern … unavailability of information related to the use of data … unavailability of information to consumers whenever the data packet is exhausted..activation Internet service on mobile phones without the express consent of the consumer, “TRAI said.

Under the new standard, the regulator has clarified that the consent of a mobile client expires after mobile internet limit entered as 500 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB, etc., is exhausted.

“Authority decided that those consumers who take the data packets, as STV (special bonus rate) or Combo voucher or add-on package is deemed to have given consent for data services. Such consent shall be deemed to be only for the period of validity of data packet or data exhausting the limit, whichever comes first, “said the regulator.

The difference in rates low speed mobile Internet without any scheme can be as high as 500 times.

The regulator has asked telecom operators to send alerts to customers who have not subscribed to mobile Internet services, but use it according to his need, after 10 megabyte of data consumed by them. Consumers also have the option of opting for this alert.

International roaming customers only get alert to turn the mobile Internet service on your phone if you are not using.