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Bigg Boss 9 7 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 9 7 November 2015 Written Episode Update

Weekend Special

Salman welcomes everyone in bigg boss, ,, Salman ask Rishab how he is feeling to be in house? Rishab says i wanna thank Bigg boss for giving me this opportunity, its an honor for me to be here, i came here with agenda to wake them up, Salman says you have changed alot in house, Salman says Puneet have entered house too, Puneet says you are looking s*xy in beard, Salman says you are not going right, you said that Salman, SRK and Akshay will bid for you after this show, Puneet says it wasnt out of arrogance, Salman says SRK has won over me as he worked with you, all laughs. Salman congratulates Rimi and Rishab, they ask for what? Salman shows them picture of Rimi and Rishab as married couple and also with kids, all laughs seeing their future. Salman shows them a paratha of heart shaped, all laughs, video ends. Salman says to audience that lets see story behind it. Video plays, Prince makes heart shaped paratha for Yuvika and proposes her, PRECAP, then Rishab dancing with Yuvika is shown too, then PRECAP, Tum hi song plays, then Rishab ask Yuvika her opinion about Prince, does she like him? Yuvika says ,, Rishab ask what do you think about me? ,,video ends. Salman laughs and says dont know whats true. Salman connects call again and says Prince gave you Pyaratha(pyar+paratha), what you did with it? did you throw it? did you eat it or did you share it with Rishab, all laughs, Yuvika says it was food so i ate it, Salman says to Prince that you havent got any response from her, Prince says yes and i will not force her, Salman says you cant, Prince says i will respect her decision, she is my good friend, Salman ask Yuvika what she feels? Yuvika says there is nothing between us till now, he is very nice guy, Salman ask what about Rishab? Yuvika says he is a sweetheart, all laughs, Salman says jokes aside, lets do a task, whom you dont wanna see in coming weeks from nominees. Aman says i dont wanna see Mandana, Rimi says all are participating in task so i should give my name, Salman says dont be diplomatic, your continuous rant of going home has become boring so change your cassette, Rimi says Mandana should go home, Suyyash, Kishwar, Yuvika and Prince says Mandana should go home. Rishab says Aman should go, Digi, Mandana, Rochelle and Puneet says Rimi should go home. Salman says Mandana has got most votes that is 6, he ask her to stand in jail, she goes and stand in jail, she says people think that i am playing well but i feel this house is not for me, i have to achieve more in life, Salman says all are individual in this house, they are fighting for themselves, people are voting for you and can make you win but housemates dont like you, they think that you are strong and wants to eliminate you but people are voting for you as they think you are strong, so you have to play for them, you are going really well thats people have saved you, MANDANA IS SAFE, Salman jokes that now its time to cry, Mandana starts crying and says i wanna go home, Salman jokes that you are not Rimi Sen, all laughs, Salman says what will you do after going home? you will go and party for one or two day thats it, Mandana says i dont party, Salman is silenced, all laughs, Salman says you are seen to everyone through this house, Mandana says i am not entertaining anymore, i wanna go home, Salman says Rimi was entertaining in first week but people are fed up now, they are thinking that she doesnt respect her voters, if she is playing game that she wanna go home and is actually gaining sympathy then its not going to work anymore, she wasnt forced to come here, she can go somewhere where she is forced to stay like politcal house then what will she do ? she will start crying to let her go home? he says to Mandana that do not follow Rimi, its not entertaining anymore, now she is boring and irritating, he says to Rimi that Rishab gave you feedback that you have change your attitude but you didnt budge and was careless, you know whole industry is watching you, if you wanna work then you have to show that you are entertaining, this is not working for you, Rimi says i am like this only, Salman says no you are not like this, i have worked with you, atleast show your potential, you have strong personality and you do have opinion, let me show to viewers, he ends call, he says i have to tighten them, lets see what Rimi’s potential is. Video plays, Rimi is seen backbiting about Rochelle and Mandana, she says to Suyyash and Kishwar that Rochelle wanna grab attention everywhere, like she become friends with groups which are in more limelight or try to argue with them more, Kishwar that why she is instigating Wildcards more as camera must be more on them right now, Rimi says she wants to participate in everything and every group be it becoming their enemy or friend while Mandana fluctuate alot, Prince says Rochelle is confused, she wants to be in every group and also want to be their enemy, Rimi says she is like only, video ends. Call is connected to house, Salman says to Rimi that you have opinion, its your choice if you wanna enjoy this journey or be like dead-women, you are not real Rimi sen right now, now take oath that I Rimi Sen will free India from my dialogue that i wanna go home, Rimi repeats his words and laugh, Salman ask Mandana if she wanna go home? she says no, Salman ask Prince to hug Mandana on his behalf, Prince hugs her, Salman ask Mandana whom she wanna send home? Mandana says Yuvika, Salman says Yuvika has become next popular contestant, he ask Mandana reason? Mandana says till last week she used to give smile only but now she has opinion in everything, Salman says you wanna say that she is nominated thats why she is changed, all housemates agrees, Salman ask Yuvika if its true? Yuvika says first i am asked to give opinion and talk and if i start talking then its said that i dont look good when i talk, Salman says there is one thing which has disturbed me, i am not able to handle what happened in house, i am confused, we will come to that, lets see what audience wanna ask you. Video plays, viewer ask Suyyash that when your girlfriend was made dog, you were seen crying but didnt take any stand for her, Suyyash says Prince was manager and i was helpless, i couldnt take any stand, Kishwar told me that she wanna do this task and i should not do anything, Salman says if your girlfriend is so strong then why did you complain to Andy? Suyyash says Kishwar have wrist problem so i was worried for her, Salman says to Aman that who was your sure that Suyyash will not do anything when Prince asked him to throw bone outside, you had to throw bone outside, Aman says Suyyash listens to Kishwar alot, i was surprised that Suyyash didnt throw bone outside, i could see Kishwar in problem, she has pain by becoming dog for so longtime so i ran and threw bone outside, Salman says you didnt have good relations with Suyyash and Kishwar then why did you throw bone out? Aman says if it was my girlfriend then i wouldnt have allowed her to do dog task, Prince said that he is not worried about getting nominated so i was sure that i can throw bone out, Salman says if Rishab was asked to become dog for 3hours then he wouldnt have done it, he couldnt do it, he says to Rishab that do only this much which you can bear too, ,, Rishab says i didnt know Kishwar had problem in wrist, ,, Salman says lets see one more questions, audience ask Prince that you were saying in task that you will make Rishab dog later but after task, you supported Rishab to become captain. Salman says you had mouth to mouth fight with him, but then you became his friend later, Prince says i never forget things, i will make him dog in task, let tasks come, ,, Salman says dont you think you were wrong? you could have become great by doing task for Mandana, you could have said to her let bygones be bygones and i will win it for you, Mandana says i talked to Keith too that i dont want to be captain but i wanted to clear things with Prince thats why i asked him to do task, Salman ask Kishwar that you were made dog but you supported Rishab too for captaincy, Kishwar says Mandana should have thought that i am girl too and if i am made dog for 3hours then it wouldnt go down well with me so i should not do this with Kishwar but when i confronted her, she said that she was doing task only, and about Rishab, i feel he is genuine guy, we were laughing at him that what he wanted to do in first days was totally out of his character, Salman ask Aman his opinion, Aman says Prince-Kishwar and Suyyash have personal equation and it always come in tasks, Prince was shouting at Rishab in task but atfer task, he changed sides and became Rishab’s friend, Rishab says he didnt become my friend, Aman says but he became friendly with you so Kishwar and Suyyash also changed sides and became his friend too, Aman says Rishab is very clear, he came in house and created chaos then he thought to change strategy and became nice with everyone, he is changing himself according to situations, Salman says you are absolutely right. Salman says a thing happened in house, you may think its amusing but it wasnt nice, Salman ask to guess it yourself, Rochelle says i using slangs? he says no not that, Kishwar says when task was on, i spat in Rishab’s water, Salman ask Digi will you drink water given by Kishwar? Rishab says i was thinking why my throat is having problem, Digi says Aman did it, Aman says no i didnt, Salman says no he didnt did it, Salman ask Rochelle you knew it? she says yes, i got to know it later, Salman says you are grown up people, educated people, it was disgusting, digi says i wanted to stop them but i thought it would be like influencing them, Salman says but this was beyond limits, you can do task passionately but have to think that you are shown on Tv, he ask Suyyash did he know about this? he says yes and it was mistake on our part, Salman says giving water to guests is like earning good points infront of God and you people are spitting it, Salman says you people spat in water even before he made you dog,he says to Kishwar that you would have done it childhood but now you are shown on Tv, just imagine you drinking Rishab saliva? Kishwar says i am sorry for this mistake, Salman says you havent got sympathy too for doing that doggy task as you did this thing, Mandana says this is not funny, thats why i wanna go home, when bigg boss call them to gather, they keep doing their things while i and Aman keep waiting for them, Kishwar says its happening from one week, Mandana gets ready early morning then she taunt others, Salman says its not about Mandana, i am talking about spitting, Kishwar says i am sorry for that, Keith also spat in food, Salman says i am shocked that nice person like Keith did it, i dont think it could be Keith’s thinking, many tasks was done in 8seasons but this kind of thing never happened, Kishwar says all are silent now but that time all were laughing and giggling, Aman was also there, he didnt stop us, Aman says you are not kids that i should stop you, i didnt spit in food, Salman says he didnt spit in food, Prince says Aman was acting like spitting, he didnt spit but he was there too and didnt stop us, Salman says you are trying to justify your act, its like you are saying that some people were doing it so its fine if you do it too, its like if majority is doing wrong thing then it becomes right, Salman says i am shocked that even Rochelle was involved in all this, Salman ask Rishab what he wants to say, Rishab says its just karma, they made me drink their saliva so they were asked to become dog later, its just karma that forced to make them dog, Salman ask if he has forgiven them for doing that? Rishab says yes, its their habit of spitting but i like to forgive so i forgive them, Salman says to Kishwar that i am worried thinking when you will go to restaurants what will happen. Salman says snapdeal customer will talk to you. call is connected to customer, customer says to Rishab that you had dramatic entry but it seems like he is afraid of Prince, Suyyash and Kishwar, Salman says you are calling him coward? cant you see he has extra teeth with which he will bite them, all laughs, Rishab says when i came in house, they were lazy so i wake them up, i tried to not be their friends, to not eat with them but they are good people, but now i will cook my food myself, regarding Prince, only name should not be Prince but you should be Prince from heart, my throat has infection now, Kishwar it wasnt because of spitting, Rishab used to mix milk in lemon tea thats why his throat has infection, all laughs, customer ask him to sign mug for him alongwith Yuvika, Rishab says sure. Salman says one will go home tomorrow, see you tomorrow, call ends. Salman says RIMI, SUYYASH, AMAN, DIGANGANA and YUVIKA are nomianted, lets see who will be eliminated.
PRECAP– Salman and SOonam Kapoor will celebrate Diwali with inmates. ,,