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Bahubali 17th Day Collection Baahubali 3rd Sunday Collection.

Bahubali 17th Day Collection  Baahubali 3rd Sunday Collection. Total Bahubali Collection worldwide so far: This film has made giant Indian CINAMA proud because of the overview provided by the film. The film is directed by the
super talented ji SS Rajmouli deserving head-bows and applause. To make this film and photography blockbuster.the is made vich with unmatched definition and VFX scene  effects.The epic war is the backbone of the film is to look reality alike showed excellent technology and is used to make Indeed these scenes. This switch registration  is Tahn over 5000 artists whose work made this piece extreme hand made master film.Even before the release of this film gaint, Baahubali was declared as the most  expensive Indian film to date ( although that includes the cost of its sequel), in more than Rs240 crore.

Bahubali 17th Day Collection  Baahubali 3rd Sunday Collection

The film earned its name during promotions, said the film was  an entry in the Guinness World Records for the world’s largest promotional poster, the poster is claimed to measure 51,000 square feet.the film is titled as the
“theater of the century “.the Hindi version of the film is produced under Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions, and they really did an excellent collection at the box  office and grossed over 47 crores in the first weekend and overall the film so far collected 69 crore worldwide in Hindi. the day 15th collection is 10 Cr. The film  has made a huge profit at the box office in its third Saturday and total revenue is around 13 Cr. The total worldwide box office collection Bahubali 17 Day is around  15 Cr *. boxofficehits

Bahubali 17th Day (3rd Sunday) Collection: 15 Cr*

Bahubali 17 Days Total Collection | Baahubali Worldwide Collection

1st day collection was 50 crores
2nd day collection was 48 crores
3rd day collection was 55 crores
4th day collection was 33 crores
5th day collection was 27 crores
6th day collection was 23 crore
7th day collection was 20 crore
8th day collection was 20 crore
9th day collection was 21 crore
10th day collection was 23 crore
11th day collection was 16 crore
12th day collection was 13 crore
13th day collection was 12 crore
14th day collection was 10 crore
15th day collection 10 Cr
16th Day Collection: 13 Cr
17th Day Collection: 15 Cr*

Baahubali 17 Days Total Collection: 430 Cr* (3rd Highest Grosser)
Bahubali 3rd Weekend Collection: 40 Cr