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Badtameez Dil 27 October 2015 Written Episode Update Star Plus

Badtameez Dil 27 October 2015 Written Episode Update Star Plus

The episode starts with Meher telling mom that nothing will change with Abeer’s sorry. Today Abeer is saying sorry, but tomorrow he will continue his mistakes. She will marry Akshath at any cost. Mom asks what if Abeer will know her secret after she marries Akshath just like he came to know about Akshath. Meher says she is telling this as she has soft corner for Akshath and wants to give a chance for her. Now, it is only she, Akshath and Ishan and she does not care about anyone. Mom tries to speak, but Meher says at least you should be honest with me. Mom hugs her emotionally.
Meher goes for a dinner with Akshath and Ishan. Ishan asks Meher if he can take more icecream. She nods yes and he leaves to bring ice cream. She tells Akshath that she is happy seeing Ishan happy. Akshath says Ishan felt bad after Abeer’s drama yesterday and this should not happen again. Meher says it will not happen again.
Abeer enters Meher’s cabin. Meher says she is busy now. He apologizes her for all the mistakes he did knowingly and unknowingly. She continues working ignoring him. He asks not to punish him like this. She says she is busy right now and he can leave. Abeer requests her to give him a chance, he wants to become perfect and prove himself as her husband and her child’s father. When she needed child 8 years ago, he was shocked, but now he is ready to have a child. He is pity on Ishan that Akshath is his father. Our child will be more cute and naughty like him and intelligent like her. Meher pushes him out of office and locks door. She reminisces him pleading to give their marriage another chance, they consummating marriage, etc. She then reminisces her divorce with Abeer and then telling mom that she is pregnant. She cries vigorously and thinks how to tell Abeer that Ishan is his son.
Akshath brings Ishan to Meher’s office. Abeer gets jealous seeing him and shows his fist to Ishan. Ishan also shows his fist. Meher asks how come they are here. Akshath says Ishan wanted to meet her since morning. Ishan asks if that dirty uncle works in her office, he made her cry, now he will make him cry. He runs out. Meher runs behind him telling if he meets Abeer, there will be a problem. Ishan enters Abeer’s rehearsal room and silently removes speaker cortd. Ishan plays guitar, but does not hear sound. One of them checks cord and says someone removed it. Ishan says he removed it and challenges Abeer to catch him if he cans. Abeer runs behind him. Ishan breaks guitar string and runs out. Abeer runs behind Ishan. Ishan continues to troubling him and it is punishment for troubling his mom. Appendix sees that and thinks how can a colorful copy come out of black and white Akshath. Abeer finally catches him. Ishan calls Meher. Meher comes and rescues him. Abeer yells at child and asks him to apologize. Ishan runs. Meher asks if he does not apologize anyone, why will Ishan.
Appendix meets Ishan and asks where was he till now. Ishan says to catch kangaroo and then says he went on a school trip to Australia and asks if he ever went to Australia. Appendix says he is not that rich and thinks he will badmouth about Meher, then Ishan will not let Akshath marry Meher.
Meher and Akshath start fighting. Meher asks them to stop fighting as it is office and not school.
Precap: Appendix tells Abeer if they prove Akshath is an womanizer, Meher will not marry him. Abeer asks from where will they get a girl. Appendix says he knows one girl who will help them.

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