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Baahubali VFX Breakdowns- video of their work

Undoubtedly, the biggest Baahubali is a richer and the most amazing motion picture and ultimately India for public visual treat. The movie premiered on June 10 and recently completed 50 days of running in theaters thewire.

that most talked about regarding Baahubali are visual effects it had. The amazing visual effects team that brought to life the vision of SS Rajamouli made a video that shows exactly what becomes what and how hard they worked.

Baahubali VFX Breakdowns- video of their work

Believe me 2.5 years of hard work is all it is. Known as the Makuta VFX, the team worked with the team Baahubali give the best visual effects that have been made across the Indian film ever.

Baahubali broke all box office records and visual effects are one of the main reasons why they are dragging people to the cinemas, even now.

Watch this amazing video made by Makuta VFX team, to show possible after the transformation of the different scenes Baahubali. Here is the video