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Ageless: Rani Mukerji stuns on Vogue India cover

Although Rani Mukerji has not been in the news lately, she still knows how to create a stir. Indian actress appeared on the cover of August, “Age (less)” issue of Vogue India looking spotless. Recently married to producer Aditya Chopra, Mukerji seems content to look back on a career of twenty years. “Right now, when I’m not working on a new film, I am the wife of the rich farmer. It’s something I’m very comfortable with,” she told Vogue.

Ageless: Rani Mukerji stuns on Vogue India cover

I could not have guessed paid filmi family history, but Rani did not think highly of the show before his own initiation into the world of stars. In fact, the actress rejected the first show that was offered to her when she was a student of class 10. “Salim uncle offered me JAA Aa Gale Lag (1994), which eventually Urmila (Matondkar) no. Remember crying as if he had offered me this really nasty thing. I looked down to acting. In school, I used to hide the fact that I
was from a family of film. “

Rani finally made his first film in 1998, the action film starring Aamir Khan Ghulam. She was an instant hit. “Actually, it was very strange,” she reminsces on his debut release, “The only consolation was that the producer was someone my parents knew a long time ago. I grew up calling Salim uncle (Salim Akhtar). And my mother was my side at all. “

Fast forward a decade and a half, and Rani wait some more “kickass movies” and “lovely babies next to me while I go to the set.” Can he follow the path and turn Chopra production / direction? “Nothing stops me,” comes the answer. “Adi (Aditya Chopra) never say no. But I do not see how my husband is. He is the hardest working person in his studio and the last to leave at night. I do not want to risk his or her name social by doing something minor. ” That is good news for fans of Rani! We are confident that prefers facing the camera in place. Dawn