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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15 October 2015 Written Episode Update Star Plus

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15 October 2015 Written Episode Update Star Plus

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com
Ahem tells Kokila that Gopi pushed Vidya into hell to become great/mahaan again. Kokila says Gopi is more brave now and even taught Vidya same. Ahem says Gopi did not have Gaura and Dharam then and had Kokila with her, now she taught Vidya also to sacrifice her life for others. Gopi starts crying and falls down. Hetal and Kokila hold her. Kokila says Meera is there to protect Vidya. Ahem says Meera will be first to torture Vidya, when Gaura and Dharam can torture Vidya in front of him, what will they do in his absence, he is very much worried for his daughter.
Hetal says Ahem that god will protect Vidya. Ahem says he left Vidya on god and if something happens to her, he will never forgive Gopi. Gopi starts crying more. Jigar says he is Vidya’s uncle and will not let her happen anything. Ahem shouts to shut up and go and take care of his daughter and wife as everyone knows how he treats Rashi. Whole family is shocked to hear this. Gopi apologizes Jigar for Ahem’s misbehavior. Jigar asks not to apologize as he knows his brother well. She then apologizes Hetal and she consoles her.
Dharam comes home inebriated and shouts at servants to give him water. Durga thinks servants must have gone out and takes water for him. Dharam asks why did manhus/inauspicious come here and starts drinking water. She sees him spilling water and asks him to be careful. He splashes water on her face, yells a bit and falls asleep. She removes his shoes. Meera comes there and reminisces Gaura telling if she wants to trouble Shravan, she should trouble Durga. She thinks it is best opportunity to trouble Shravan.

Meera shouts at Durga how dare she is to enter her room. Durga says Dharam asked water. Meera shouts even then how dare she entered her room, drags her out of room and walks towards Gaura’s room. Vidya stops her and asks why is she misbehaving with elder. Meera shouts she is teaching her the place of second woman. Vidya says Durga is Dharam’s first wife and Meera is second woman. Meera shouts more. Shravan enters and asks to shut up and stop misbehaving with his mother, else he will kick her out. Inebriated Dharam comes out with wobbly gait and asks what is happening. Dharam asks him to control his second wife, else he himself does not know what he will do. Gaura comes and watches everything silently. Once Shravan leaves, Meera shouts Shravan misbehaved with her in front of her and her plan failed. Gaura asks her to speak slowly, else Vidya will realize their plan.
Kokila makes Gopi sleep and apologizes Hetal for Ahem’s misbehavior. Hetal says Ahem is tensed and will be alright. Jigar says same. Kokila says because of Ahem’s anger, Gopi suffers always. Hetal says soon Ahem will realize his mistake. Jigar says same. Kokila prays god..
Precap: Gaura tells Meera that tomorrow is her and Vidya’s muh dikhayi, they both have to do something to Vidya tomorrow. Gopi tells Kokila that she feels Vidya is in trouble.